"Good Vibrations" build

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Sockmonkey, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. Sockmonkey

    Sockmonkey Guest

    I'm not sure of the manufacturer, but I've had this great old cruiser for a few years. On the chain guard are the words, "Good Vibrations". This is going to be my project bike..

    The Ebay Dax kit arrived today! I got off work late, but still had to tear into the box too see how it looked. I was pleasantly surprised as the quality was a bit better than I expected. With the engine here I just had to get GV down from the rafters and see how everything was going to look....

    First thing I tried out was the tank, looks cool on my black bike. (how many of you did the same thing?)

    Next came the engine, it doesn't fit! But, not in a bad way, the gap between the tubes is about 2" too wide where the engine will have to mount to clear the chain guard. I think a trip to the local welder is in order. I'm sure he can weld something to the back of the flat steel plate that came as a mounting option for a standoff.

    Next I removed the rear wheel and came upon ... Big problem #2! The coaster-brake arm doesn't fit with the sprocket in place. Yes I've researched the subject, but I'm a bit skeptical about being able to grind off enough sprocket/brake arm to make things work... Might have to invest in a new disk brake...

    That's it for now as I have to get up at 0530 hours to get ready for work...

    See ya

  2. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    maybe you already saw this, but i only want to make sure, just in case you prefer the coaster: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=6450&highlight=coaster+brake

    speaking of chainguards, if you like yours you'll find a way to dampen vibration and avoid inevitable & eventual breakage. when i first built mine, it was a basic 5-speed, black (of course)...it looked really nifty all dressed with both 'guards on, but they started to crack at all the expected places :-/

    so, this sounds like it's gonna be a good project, i'm all ears (eyes)...do you have a "before" pic for us?
  3. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    Here's a tip....before you weld on any mounts, Test fit your exhaust pipe & carb/intake for clearance. You may need to split the 2" gap between the front & rear mounts.... or fill the 2" gap with an extended rear mount. ???

    IMO, Do NOT drill your frame for mounting. The vibration & stress could (probably will) cause your frame to eventually break.

    There is always talk about vibration, but this is a first. GOOD Vibrations!

    best of luck....keep us posted.
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  4. kevbo

    kevbo Guest

    The "Good Vibrations" bikes were made by Huffy.
  5. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest

    Thanks for that hint augi... I have a chainguard on the D7 and the last thing I need is another problem with that bike lol. Would a rubber bushing solve the problem with the chainguard giving up due to vibration?

    Jemma xx
  6. Sockmonkey

    Sockmonkey Guest


    Pictures will be coming... But I start work before daylight and usually get off after dark so it will have to wait until my next day off.

    Thanks for the advice, I've been thinking about it today an have decided to go with a removable mount. The mount would clamp around the frame with a piece of rubber tube sandwiched between the mount and frame.

    Huffy huh.... I was hoping for Schwinn, but at least Huffys are built heavy.

    After I get everything working I will have to strip it down to the frame and repaint it. I found rust under the strap that holds the brake lever to the frame and a couple of other small patches.
  7. Sockmonkey

    Sockmonkey Guest

    Pre-build pix

    I finally got a few minutes free during daylight so snapped a couple of pictures.

    The chain is hanging loose because I have already started fitting the sprocket to the rear wheel, and didn't have the time to put it back on the bike.

    I put the springer front end, the whitewalls and the fenders on during re-build #3. The frame paint and new grips were #2, and the foam handle bar wrap and first frame re-paint were done in re-build #1.

    Picture #2 shows both of my "other women" as my wife calls my bikes... I call the one in back "Babe". Haven't thought of a name for GV yet.


  8. in the second pic, is the engine on the left going to be installed in good vibrations??? Ha ha. I couldn't resist.
  9. Bean Oil

    Bean Oil Guest

    ^ Hehehe...

    Hey, Sockmonkey, thanks for posting this thread. I'm building a motored Cruiser too and it's good to see that I'm not alone with these engine mount challenges in these cruiser frames. I should have a build thread up sometime soon, too.

  10. Sockmonkey

    Sockmonkey Guest

    Thanks for the posts

    One thing I forgot... I talked to a local welder yesterday, he told me to bring the frame and motor in early next week and he would help out. He liked the "removable mount" idea and said if we didn't go that way we might have to reinforce the tube the mount will be attached to.

    I also was trying to come up with a short extension for the coaster brake "washer". I figure if I could space the arm just 1/4" farther out on the axle things would fit.

    More to come...
  11. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    move the whole coaster-arm assembly over...interesting.

    i have a few questions but i'll wait til we see what you come up with :)
  12. Bean Oil

    Bean Oil Guest

    For what it's worth, I wound up countersinking the bolt holes and using flush-mount allen head (socket head) fasteners to fit the rear sprocket on my Shimano single-speed coaster brake hub.
  13. Sockmonkey

    Sockmonkey Guest

    Countersunk bolts... hummmm, I'll have to check into that. But, my brake arm still wouldn't fit into the hole on the sprocket. A small problem as I own a grinder and know how to use it.:rolleyes:

    Thanks for the input. I won't be doing much to the bike until I get the mount made.
  14. Sockmonkey

    Sockmonkey Guest

    Had some time today so stripped the bike down to the frame... Can't find my chain tool (or my small punch either) so will have to drop by the bike shop to have it popped apart.

    Need to spend some time on Sunday wiping the grease off the races, and cleaning up the frame. I can't believe how much rust I am finding... Not a major problem yet (no structural damage) but I thought I had taken care of it with the last paint job. I might have to break down and spent the extra money for automotive primer / paint...
  15. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

  16. Sockmonkey

    Sockmonkey Guest

    Motor in place and I'm on my way to the welder!

  17. Sockmonkey

    Sockmonkey Guest

    It is going to be a couple of days before I get the frame back....

    While we were discussing how to set up the mount the welder noticed how low the final gear casing was in the area of the top-rear screw. We put the chain on and found that it didn't have enough clearance. The solution we came up with was to loosen the mount and tip the engine up in the rear.

    I thought he could just grind the mount to the correct angle, but he said that would put a strain on the mounting bolts. His solution is to weld a couple of small wedges cut out of pipe to the frame. Hard to describe, but it seems like it will work.
  18. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    i was looking and wondering about chain run. it sounds like you have a great building buddy in that welder...modfiying frame details instead of the block is a far smarter way to go. maybe weld matching wedges to the backside also, would need longer mounting studs, but all would be properly aligned that way and last a long time :)
  19. Bean Oil

    Bean Oil Guest

    You and I are doing our cruiser builds at about the same time... I've just completed the custom mount process, except to say that I haven't corrected a very small misalignment at the down tube curvature... it is clamped sercurely at that point, however, and the rear mount is above reproach. (Hahaha... we'll see about that, now, won't we?)

    Don't mean to hijack your build thread, sir; just wanted to comment on the similar nature and similar time frame.

    Congrats, and carry on!

  20. Sockmonkey

    Sockmonkey Guest

    No problem Castor (I couldn't think of any other Bean Oil lol)

    I would love to hear how your build is going.