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    So... one day for fun I am going to ride my bike a substantial distance-- I've already gone back and forth to work, which is a 30 mile round trip, but I want to go city to city at some point...

    Playing with routes on Google Maps, one on a MB has to stay off of freeways of course, so the logical Google Map selection would be "bike routes". But every single trip I've plotted out, choosing the "walking" route is ALWAYS shorter! Milwaukee to Janesville here in Wisconsin was 12 miles shorter on the walking route than on the bicycling route-- and since (at least in this case) the walking route is all streets (not specialized footpaths) it's totally legal for bikes

    The upside to riding a motored bike out in the country here is that people are used to Slow Moving Traffic out on the county roads... remember the proper signage as well...

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    well the walking map is shortcuts across fields and rivers not around them like on the bike map i found that out myself i was going from mo to florida on a bicycle and 667 miles on bike 650 on walking trail cause u cut a cross so much real estate
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    well you still have to check that it's actual roads and such... but I was finding that the "bike route" was following dedicated bike paths as much as possible. And when you're talking the difference of 74 miles or 62 miles, proportionately that's a HUGE difference... a couple of the bike routes for the same journey were even upwards of 80 miles!
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    some of those distances are redicules out of the way so most roads can be used as long as it isnt interstate or freeway of course state roads service roads etc . but i found on on service road beside interstates is the best routes i know a lot of interstates dont have a servise road just study your maps for best possible trips and enjoy every mile :grin5: