goose is done!

My 4th gebe build, Mongoose Black comb, full suspension, disc brakes front&rear,gp 460, dominator pipe, fast quiet and smooooth.


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hehe, that chrome Dom. looks pretty good.

i had to make a better rear mount bracket, there was enough fibe's to snap that little cover bracket i was using . i'll try to get a pic this afternoon.

silver looks real sharp.

The full suspension rides are a whole different animal. I had been looking at the blackcomb for awhile it looks like a nice bike for sure. Keep us updated she looks real nice.
Wow that is awsome, seeing those pics is
most likley going to cost me some money
on a full suspension bike!

very nice!

Kawasaki999: So you have one gp460 with a Dom pipe and the others are stock exhaust ... Notice any real difference in speed or mileage? I am going to be ordering my stuff in a few days and am still torn in this department.
1 with dom, the other 2 have x-cans, motor with dom not broke in yet,but x-cans feel like more low end power and dom seems to have more above 8000 rpm range. I will have a used x-can for sale shortly with baffels and elbows installed for 1/2 price of new. I am going with all dom pipes mosty because they r much quieter that the x-can.