Got a MB today!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by milogasser, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. milogasser

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    :grin5::grin5:My landlord had three MBs stored in his shop. I went and looked at them today and one followed me home. It is called a Zip Cycle and is powered by a inframe mounted Homelite friction drive motor. The bicycle itself is a Mercury brand. I don't know anything about the MB but will do some research and see what I can find. It appears to be factory made as a MB. I will try to post pics tonight after I clean it up good. Later, Milogasser.:grin5:

  2. echotraveler

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    that sounds like a whizzer! post some pics bro!
  3. milogasser

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    No, not a Whizzer. Just 25cc of friction drive raw power! Changed the gas for fresh and it fired right up. Just got back from my first MB ride. I'm hooked. It has a bicycle spedo, probably not very accurate, that was showing a blazing 18 mph. I'll post pixs as soon as I figure out how. Later, Milogasser. P.S. I think i'll go back and buy the other two bikes too.
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    I really like that open cargo framed sidecar bike. I could do that with this gas powered two-wheeler pretty readily. That's if I don't convert it into a tadpole trike, that is.
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    You MUST provide photos!!! OR you membership here will be revoked.
    (nah, not really; welcome aboard...and great find!).
    I have a cruiser bike that I just did a rack mount to it and HATED the look. Was gonna do a frame mount like the Zip. Even had a friction drive. Now I want it all over again.:icon_cry:
    PLEASE get some photos posted.
  8. bbb

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    What else does he have?
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    welcome -- nice find there -- right place right time

    ride that motor bike thing
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    He has two more from the same company. One is a cruiser type 26" and the other is a 20" bmx style. I've already made a deal with him on both of these bikes too.:grin5: The 26" is going to be the base for my Jacobsen powered boardtrack style bike. The 20" will be an engine donor for my wife a 24" cruiser. This is the most fun with a hobby i've had in years.:grin5: Later, Milogasser.