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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Parah_Salin, Nov 2, 2009.

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    So, basically, I'm a school, my bikes at home so I don't get to work on it that much (which sucks as it is almost ready for the first test run).

    I currently have my carb bolted to where the rear reflector used to be. This is sort of stupid, but it won't fit on the intake pipe normally. I'm planning on connecting it with some sort of hose, but allas, garden hose is the wrong size, and steal conduit isn't air tight. Does anyone make a replacement intake pipe that bends a little bit to the side? Or one that dosn't bend up or down?



    You could try something like this. 45 copper elbow silver soldered to the intake and a shim and o-ring on the carb side.

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    what exactly did you do to make that fit? can you send some detailed pics of that. i'm using that same bike for my build
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    I have some long bent ones to solve just that problem and I'm pretty sure Roland has some as well! :detective: