got a ticket



but i was riding on the LRT line, CPS pulled me over for driving on the right of way on 7 ave sw. oh well
It is illegal to operate these bikes on any road in Canada . The only way to drive legally is to have an automatic with all the DOT approved lights , turn signals and horn . You are basically making it into a moped . then you have to insure and licence it as a moped . There are also measurement requirements for tread depth , seat height , brakes and the wheel diameter . Some try to say that it is a power assisted bike . In Canada all power assisted bikes have to be electric . ........D.J.
LRT is a light rail transit here in calgary. Well it runs through downtown on 7ave on a surface street. (just like a trolley). I rode on the side with the motor off and got pulled over by the police. One look at the bike made them assume I had the motor on. (Where u get that bike boy!!) $50 ticket but the officers where kind, let me on my way.
Its hard to think of things like this when the man is breathing down your neck like that, but if the motor was off it'd be cool to the touch, correct? " Hey, the motor was off, feel how cool it is..."

I don't really get what you say, were you grabbing the side of a trolley and having it pull you? or were you just riding to the side of where the trolley runs on the street?

So many laws to try to sort, cops can just make stuff up and charge you for whatever pops into their heads at the moment. Do your duty and go to court to fight it!