Got a ticket on the way to work with the bike today. I tried to tell the the uniformed police officer that it was a MOPED not a MINI BIKE or MOTORCYCLE but he insisted it was not a MOPED. So when I got to work I called the city prosecutor and told him what I was riding. I told him I would bring the bike down for him to see. but he said if it has pedals its a MOPED. He said just bring down the ticket and he will dismiss it, He also wrote on a copy of the ticket (for me to keep in the wallet) that it was a moped just so the other officers would know if they happen to pull me over. ( Hell I put about 30 miles on that bike today. :D ).
Glad to know you didn't let em' push you around, but you also didn't flip your lid.

Well played ironwarlock. :)
actually I believe that a moped has one chain and comes from factory like that
what we ride are motor assisted bicycles...2 chains and engine came after (not stock/factory)
there are some federal regs here somewhere that explain better
Nebraska DOT says motor assist is classed as a moped. I can live with that. :)
WELL PLAYED, and the followup is the key !!

I nominate IronWarlock as Cornhusker of the Year !!

Take what you can, then clear it up with the pencil pushers later, by pleading NOT GUILTY.
glad to hear nothing became of the whole ordeal, keep that letter in your wallet, for next time they pull you over, cause im sure theres not another bike :eek: like yours around for miles. be kewl ironwarlock, and keep on riding 8)
That happens....

I get stopped every time I ride my chopper. I have never been stopped on my regular bikes. I have been by over 400 cops on my other bikes. But every time I ride my Chopper, I get stopped. Choppers do not look like bicycles is the reason. Axiomatic... If you build and ride something other than a bicycle looking bike, you will get stopped is the Axiom.
That bike is sweet! I love where that engine's at and that belt drive.