Got bike working but not running fast enough

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by tankaray, May 8, 2009.

  1. tankaray

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    I just have had nothing but problems with my bike so far. I bought a built bike and already after one day of use had to replace the megneto coil and the cdi. That got it running. But the problem is that I cant go more than 10-15 miles and hour. This seems really slow for an 80cc motor. It sounds like it is just being governed but there is no govenor. Also the clutch is not working quite right in order to pedal without turning the motor over I have to pull the handle all the way to the handle bar and release it all the way for starting it. I have no instructions and I am a bit mechanical but these bikes are so new to me Im not sure what needs to be tuned to make it run right. Please help. Thanks

  2. pdxrhett

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    does it start to bog down? like what a 4 stroke sounds like when its getting too much gas? or does it sound like too much air?

    check all gaskets, and screws and make sure all are tight.

    there is also a screw to tune the carb. tightening it might fix these problems

    another idea might be different gear ratios
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    You have to break the engine in.
    Do you add about 3 ounces on a quality air cooled engine oil, per 1/2 gallon tank.
    It usually takes about 4 gallons of fuel to break in the engine.

    The seller should have replaced the magneto and cdi for you. if you only used it for one day. Post the vendors name .
    Search for clutch adjustment.
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    It sounds like your clutch is working normally. You pull it in to dis-engage the drive. You let it out to start and to let the engine do the work. No problem there.

    When you're squeezing 10 to 15 mph out of it, does the engine sound like it's running normally? Or does it sound and feel "sick"? Or just not right?

    And if it's not sounding or feeling right, then please explain in detail. That'll give you your best shot at a good answer.
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    Ok so after playing around with the bike a bit more I fugured out what the main problem with the speed was. My choke was moving itself on when the bike would vibrate from throttling. I dont need it to start the bike so far so I zip tied it down temporarily. So now I have to tackle the clutch. The clutch works correctly yes. But when I lock it on it isnt pulling the cable far enough for me to have the ability to pedal the bike normally. To pedal I have to hold the clutch in as if I were never letting the brakes of. I will check for clutch threads but if anyone knows any tricks Im all ears thanks.
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    Okay, it sounds like your troubles are only a matter of adjustment.

    If you take off your air cleaner you will see the choke assembly. You'll easily see the nut that holds it together. A bit of tightening and your choke won't vibrate on/off.

    And as far as your clutch is concerned I'd say that if you just shorten the cable a tad you should have a clutch that's working fine.
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    Before I posted this I tried to shorten the cable up a bit and then it was too short and the engine wouldnt engage. It was right where it needed to be but the locked position on the handle just isnt set far enough back. I am just gonna keep a half taught zip tie around the handle bar to string around the clutch handle for when I need to pedal for an extended period of time. Pretty gehto but hey its cheap and easy. If there are any other adjustments that could be done fill me in. And to all that have helped me today thank you for all of your input.
  8. BoltsMissing

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    for reference at least;

    Remove the clutch arm/sprocket cover, ( magneto side-3 screws )
    In there you will se the pin and behind the pin is a bll bearing. You may need to blow it out with crompessed air.
    Check that ball bearing if it's still round, or round at all. Check it for hardness by striking it on a file, if the fille scratches the bearing get a proper hardened ball bearing, get a few for spare.

    Before you insert the new bearing, fill the hole up with molly grease, press in the new bearing, fill with grease again and press in the pin. Wipe the excess onto around the small 10 tooth sprocket.
    Grease up the long shaft where it contacts the pin and screw it all back on.

    Adjust cable with lever in off ( not held down) position is no slack, but not too tight. Just no slack. I guess while ya at it getting parts, get a non stretch brake cable and replace the soft steel HT clutch cable cos they just seem to keep stretching.

    Do you know how to adjust the clutch plate with star nut ?
    The star nut is located on the clutch plate side with the 5 cover plate screws.
    Hold the clutch lever down, screw the star nut one notch in at a time, or one notch out at a time till it feels right when you are trying to start or ride.
    Remeber to locktite the starnut tiny lock screw.