Got burned by my exhaust

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  1. ilovenxtage

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    I was locking my bike up at the pharmacy, and my OnGuard U lock was not locking properly, so I bent down to try to get the lock to work, when my arm pressed against the hot exhaust pipe! OUCH!!! To make matters worse, the burn is right over my vascular access used for kidney dialysis! Two needles go into my access to hook up to the dialysis machine, and now about an inch of its length cannot be used until the burn heals. I now have to place two needles in an area only about two inches long. I'm new to motorized bicycles, and I'm used to my scooter that has a nice heat shield on the exhaust. If you accidentally touch it, you can feel the heat but your less likely to get burned.

  2. Anton

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    That doesn't sound good. I can relate: when riding with shorts and my leg touches the engine fins it reminds me that I should probably be wearing jeans. You're right about scooters/motorbikes though - they tend to have exhaust shields which are much cooler than the exhaust and don't usually burn you unless the bike is lying on top of you :goofy:
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    OUCH!Burns are one of the slowest/hardest healing wounds.Another of the many perks of a rack-mount set-up, it's all behind you.
    Neosporin is your friend.
  4. jaguar

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    even friendlier is fresh aloe juice (made by scraping the inner pulp with a fork). You will never in your sorry life see anything heal as quick as when aloe is applied.
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    Aloes good stuff.

    just bought mine from the store for about three bucKs. I got a whole lot of it and I use it to help with my various wounds I inflict on myself. The neat thing is I didn't have to grow anything.

    Mike Frye
  6. ilovenxtage

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    The pain is a lot better now. There are some good sized blisters, though. I've had one dialysis treatment since this happened, and I had to place the needles closer together then usual, and I'll have to continue to do that until the burn heals completely. Getting burned is bad enough, but getting burned right on my access, which if I don't have, I can't do dialysis and I don't live, is REALLY bad. I am now very mindful of my exhaust if I'm doing something with the bike after its been running.
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    Unfortunately its a lesson we all learn at once time in our lives. I still have burn scars on each of my calves from a Honda with twin exhaust pipes on each side of the bike that I got 30 years ago on my first bike.

    Sadly, my beautiful wife has a lovely burn scar from not paying attention when she dismounted her MB.

    Aloe is great but a blended burn product containing Aloe and lidocaine (a topical anesthetic) provides more pain relief.
  8. HeadSmess

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    caution! do not be touching muffler as is hot!

    moral to this story?

    bike security is a joke :jester: and dont eat too much sugar!

    reminds me of a german client picking up a freshly brazed item (just stopped glowing dull red!) to inspect it. being german, he couldnt let anyone know he had made a grievous error. he casually replaced item and even more casually placed hands behind back.

    if you recall the scenes from "homealone" and "raiders of the lost ark", in comparison his reaction was cool calm and collected...but oh boy he must have been hurting!

    in that job, you got burnt at least once a day. ahhhh, the smell of charred flesh in the morning :)
  9. BAZZA614

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    I learnt the hard way of how painful it is to be burnt by a motorised bike 3 times
  10. BAZZA614

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    I learnt the hard way of how painful it is to be burnt by a motorised bike, 3 times
  11. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I'm staring @ my bike and I KNOW I should get a heat shield for it. I've got "forever" scars on my inner right knee. Now I always wear long pants, so my leg doesn't get burned anymore. Last week, I burnt my forehead and my inner right bicep. I'm a glutton for punishment.
  12. lowracer

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    After I got burned the last time, I started wrapping all my pipes with header tape.
    The stuff is very inexpensive (I bought on eBay for $10) & easy to wrap & cut.
    I use a few std hose clamps to fasten it to the pipe, but there are stainless steel zip ties available for the pro look.
    No more burns!

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  13. Fabian

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    Fantastic advise. I'll remember to use this trick in my current relationship, because i'm convinced my girlfriend is a sadist and she believes we live in a sadomasochistic relationship and a mans proper role is to accept deep tissue injury and agonising pain as part of a healthy living environment.

    I need all of the fresh aloe juice i can get my hands on.