got clocked by radar on my occ chopper

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by motorpsycho, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    My friend is a cop, and he clocked me on my occ chopper over the weekend.
    i'm running an 80 c.c. h.t. 2 stroke, cns style carb (re-jetted), high flow air filter, 41 tooth rear sprocket, stock 20" rear wheel, stock 24" front wheel custom long exhaust with a modified stock muffler, 32:1 gas-oil ratio, 87 octane gas, and he clocked me at 32 mph on flat ground.

  2. kerf

    kerf Guest

    Was that WOT or just a gentle cruise?
  3. RdKryton

    RdKryton Active Member

    20 inch rear wheel with a 41 tooth drive sprocket I would believe that was WOT.

  4. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    yes, it was at w.o.t.
    yep, 20" rear rim, but the tire is 24" tall from the ground to the top of the tire.
    also, i only weigh 150 lbs.