got er running but two huge problems

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by kraash, Jun 16, 2009.

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    :sweatdrop:first i seem to have an air leak.. when ive been running and i throw the choke on it keeps on running as is.. need help there fo sure
    second, on my first run the end of the muffler fell off and got run over. its all bent up.. i had to bend and beat the muffler pipe so many times i dont realy want to start with a new one. any suggestions? thanks =)

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    If applying the choke has no effect, then I'd wonder is that trouble isn't in the choke itself.
    If you take off the air cleaner you'll see the choke assembly. Is the nut tight? If it is and the choke is working properly, then it would seem that you have a bad air leak. I sealed my intake up with RTV silicone sealer. Seems to work.

    There's probably nothing to be done with your muffler. You could get a new one from most any of the sponsors on the list on the left of these pages. They're not expensive. Waiting for it will be a bigger hassle than price.

    Good luck.
  3. put a o-ring washer in the carb to intake and it will stop your airleak.
    you can make a muffler endcap out of a tomato paste can it fits right over the muffler.
    make a few holes on the end of the can,slide over end of muffler,use a large hose clamp on that.
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    anyone have pics of the can mod?
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    seen that happen

    seen that happen
    cousins end piece of muffler also fell off and ran over
    until he received his new one

    we cut one end off a beer can -- thicker can would work better
    couple of (small) holes drilled into can bottom
    can slips right over pipe
    clamp in place

    we shoved some heavy duty steel wool into can before forcing on tight to pipe

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    I like to leave the end piece off, they have better take off.
  7. srdavo

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  8. i dont have a pic but i know a tomato past can will fit,make a couple holes and use a clamp.i was going to use one to make my muffler more quiet but decided not to,but it would work if your end cap fell off.
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    well i managed to get the muffler end bent back enough to reinstall it (this time with a lock washer) .. but i couldnt get the pipe part back on (not a welder) ... do you think this will be a problem?

    The bigest problem is i used some gasket material to try and fix the intake air leak.. and i think i made it worse!!! theres smoke coming out around where the intake neck meets the engine..... PLEASE HELP !!!!!:ack2:

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    bump =( still sucking tons of air :ack2:
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    use silicone around the intake the put your carb on
    seal it up good .If that doesn't fix it then while the bike is running spray some wd40 around the motor when it bogs down you've found your leak
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    Raid the Muffler Men bins

    Hey Kraash..ENO (Down Under)..If you find your local Muffler shop and check out their bins after they close youll find all the sizes of off cut good quality pipping youll need to add on to the exhaust..The longer it is the different the tone..If you be nice the Muffler man will probably do a quick weld for you for nothing if you let him admire the bike or even tease h with an offer of a ride to hear how it sounds after his magnificent weld job..Remember compliment his skills, you never know when you get a new exhaust and muffler he can extend the piping to show you how skilled he is..Ride safe and good luck ENO in Oz....PS..Have added a pic of the extension pipe (free) and another of the scrap we found that we might try on to check out the sound..Dont laugh it might work..There are other strange exhaust fitting my son added on my ALBUM..Good luck scrounging those bins in the dark.

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  14. Heck dont worry about the broken tube,it will run better without it i cut mine off anyway. Open up the air cleaner with a dremel tool to get air straight into carb,and richen up the setting say 3rd slot to start with ,hammer the muffler end back round to fit and red locktite the **** out of the bolt. As far as the carb intake leaking air i used some heat shrink tubing on the intake and then slid on the carb worked great. Make sure you locktite all bolts on bike or you will be sorry like with the muffler.
  15. dont worry about the pipe thing.
    use a o-ring in the carb to intake and some silicone on the intake.
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    thanks all for the help.. i ended up useing an o ring from auto zone and mashed in on tight.. i think its working great cause i had to adjust the idle and when i choke it now it stalls.. =) ..
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    Can't get much better than that......problem solved. :grin5: