Got Grubee Kit.... Now What?

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  1. Promagstyle

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    I am sorry, but I am completely an utter-noob when it comes to Motor Bicycles.
    I have gotten the Kit, but now what?

    Here is the bicycle, that I will be using and yes the front and or rear wheels will be truned. It wobbles like how the Earth Rotates.


    The kit that I have gotten is a Grubee 66c Slant Fire Angle 2-Stroke:


    Please help a noob

  2. Promagstyle

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    Can someone show me which nuts / bolts to remove?
    For Example:
    ++ Replace ALL cheap bolts/nuts with the Grade 8 USA stuff.
    ++ Use blue Loctite on everything!!!
  3. wheelbender6

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    I removed all studs from the motor mounts, intake port and exhaust port and replaced them with studs from a hardware store that I cut to the correct length,
    The most important studs to replace are on the motor mounts as they endure the most stress.
    Now put it together and giver'er!
  4. Promagstyle

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    Thanks for clarifying that, but how do I remove the stud mounts?

    Off too the local hardware store I go.
  5. wheelbender6

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    put two nuts on the end of the stud and tighten them against each other. then, when you turn the nut, the stud will turn. thread a nut onto the new stud before cutting. cutting damages the threads, but unthreading the nut repairs the threads.
  6. Fabian

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    You do the following:

    1) order and install a Deluxe shift kit with the White Industries Heavy Duty bearing system
    2) order and install a Rock Solid Engines reed valve intake and walbro style diaphragm carburettor
    3) order and install a Jaguar CDI
    4) order and install a CR Machine Manufacturing cylinder head in your preferred compression ratio
    5) order and install a centrifugal clutch
    6) order and install a rope pull-start
    7) order and install a SRAM X7 (rear derailleur) grip shift on the left hand side of the handle bar
    8) Order and install a SRAM X5 8 speed rear derailleur
    9) If not installed on the bike, swap out the rear cassette for an 8 speed system
    10) Install anti-chain-suck idler rollers and captive chain device on the chain stay
    11) Order and install an "Ursus Jumbo Double Kickstand"
    12) Order and install an Airzound air horn, rated at 80 PSI, but pump the living bejesus out of it and crank up the pressure to 140 PSI, for train-horn decibels.
    13) Order and install front and rear lights on your bike.
    14) Order and install a dual-pull brake lever.
    15) Order and install "Thorn-Proof" inner tubes
    16) Order and install the left hand side and right hand side "Sick Bike Parts" chain tensioners
    17) Order and install the "Sick Bike Parts" fuel tap
    18) Order and install the "Sick Bike Parts" optional 24 tooth, 30 tooth and 40 tooth and 48 tooth and 9 tooth sprockets, to assemble a front derailleur operated low ratio dual dual-range gearing assembly.
    19) Order and assemble a BoB IBEX uni-wheel suspension trailer to cart all your gear/tools/groceries if you so require
    20) Order 9 speed chain and use it in place of 8 speed chain - for various reasons
    21) order and install Winkku (bar mounted) rear view (combined) mirror & indicator system
    22) Order and install a "Cane Creek" Thudbuster (long travel) suspension seat post
    23) Order and install a physically wide; gel-filled comfort seat
    24 Order and Install at least an 8" front disk brake rotor (Shimano makes an exelent version), with an Avid BB7 brake caliper, but if really serious, upspec to a Hayes 9" disk rotor.
    25) Order and install 2.5 feet of 1/2 inch internal diameter high temperature, chemically resistant silicone hose to the exhaust tip, for the purpose of noise reduction - music to your ears

    there is a lot more, just that i can't think of the rest of the stuff on my bike at the moment.
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  7. Promagstyle

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    This is going to sound a little dumb, but?:

    In which order should the Gas Tank be mounted on the frame of the Bicycle?:

    For example (from bottom up):

    Mounting Plate
    Lock Washer
    Metric Nut 6