Got hit today.....

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Thatperson, Aug 29, 2010.

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    I'm fine and the bike is fine. I was riding down the road toward the ferry docks when this lady in a Toyota Camery pulled out and tried to turn left right infront of me. I locked up the rear brakes and pulled the front as hard as I dared, (didn't want to lock it up too), and slid my right side across the front of her car.

    After I came to a stop, I looked at her through the windshield and sure enough, she was on a cellphone.... :dunce: She jumped out of the car in a panic and wanted to know if I was ok and my bike was ok. I told her I was fine and the bike looked good too, but her car took some damage. When I hit, I lifted my right leg to get it out of the way and my pedal hit her front license plate and ripped it and the holder off the bumper. It also tore the plastic on the bumper where the mount was. Probably the only time a MBer was hit by a car and the car was the only thing with damage! lol

    She gave me her info just incase I was hurt or there was damage to my bike. I told her that she should pay more attention to whats going on around her and to get off the dang phone.

    And the day started off so good......

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    First of all, thank goodness you are fine, as well as your bike.

    But I wonder if she will learn from this VERY DIRECT lesson?

    Even if you don't need medical attention or bike repairs, I say-- call her insurance company and at least let them know that she's done something so reckless.

    Accidents happen-- patches of black ice, hydroplaning, loose gravel, animals running out into the road. But hitting someone because you were talking on the phone is not an "accident", it's blatant negligence.

    I have gotten so very tired of the "multi-tasking" attitude here in the United States. When will people realize that you really CAN'T do more than one thing at a time? And if you try to do two things at once, your performance is going to suffer greatly-- possibly enough to cause someone else a great deal of harm.
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    These people are the worst. One guy did that too me once and I ran right into the side of his car. And he took off!
  4. Thatperson

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    Well she has to call the insurance company anyway because of the damage to her bumper.

    And she also couldn't drive off after hitting me or she would of had to go over me.
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    She doesn't have to contact her insurance company, and never leave the scene of a accident. Make a report. Should something turn up wrong with you, you may have no recourse...Glad all is well.
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    I got rear-ended in my car a few years back, and even though we swapped info, I'm kicking myself for not simply calling the police... the other driver didn't actually have insurance. I only have liability (and I didn't know that's all I had...) and I've been attempting to collect from that dunder-head for two years now...
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    Yes, make that insurance report. Ya never know until a few days later, when your body starts aching.

    Don't forget to mention that the driver was on her cellphone. It's against the law here to drive and cellphone.
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    I know I'm not hurt because the car never touched me. It was those cat like reflexes! :jester: The cops know about the hit since the chief lives across the street from me and I was talking to him when I got back.
  11. Chalo

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    Are you going to use a good front brake now? Or was one unsubtle reminder not enough?

  12. Thatperson

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    Wow, you sure don't mess around when you want to make a point.

    But to let you know, I am using the best front brake that I can install on my bike. It's strong enough to lock the front wheel if I pull it hard enough. I'm guessing you want me to install some kind of disc brake system with ABS?
  13. RedBaronX

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    just because you chatted up the chief doesn't mean there is now a police report. Get an official police report. I'm not a red-tape lovin' lawyer-junkie type, but who knows if this woman is an habitually bad driver? If she is, she's got to be called on it.
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    Glad to hear you are ok, that's the most important thing. I have been hit while on a bike before, I wasn't as lucky as you, but still was able to walk away.
  15. Chalo

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    That's good; I reckoned that locking up the rear was an indication that you (like a lot of others here) lacked a front brake. Practice some really hard stops now and then so you don't slide the rear when you have to deal with a bad situation.

    Very few front brakes are strong enough to lock and slide the front of a normal bike. Most front tipovers are the result of the rider not pushing back hard enough on the handlebars while stopping, then flopping forward and taking the bike with him. That's preventable if you try it out a few times before an emergency suddenly arises.

    Don't get me wrong-- I'm very glad you weren't hurt, and very pleased that you have enough regard for your safety to use a good front brake. We should all recognize that we need to escalate our safety measures when we add the power of a motor.

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    It's great that you are ok. Havn't had anything like that happen to me yet; but i'm sure it could. It's good you have those cat like reflexes
  17. Wow, that could have been bad. Consider yourself lucky, even if it was your fault.

    I had a close call the other day while sliding across the pavement. Had my first ride since the accident today. Finally feeling good again. :)
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    I am very glad to hear that you came out unscathed!
    That was a very close call. I also recommend at least making a report with the police. A report at least puts down on record that the lady drives while under the influnce of a cel phone, which can be as bad as driving drunk.
    You might help out someone else down the road if she does it again.

    Quote: Schwinn-Locura: Wow, that could have been bad. Consider yourself lucky, even if it was your fault.

    Ummmm WHAT!??
    Re-read his post please, at least this part:

  19. Glad you are okay. I was nearly hit by a young woman texting on her cell. How stupid do you have to be to not pay attention while driving?
  20. TREEWK

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    Most Of The Abrasive People Don`t Last Long!! That Is One Thing To Be Thankfull For!!