Got jammed by the police

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by angrysamoan, May 25, 2009.

  1. angrysamoan

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    I was at a car show yesterday by the Dodgers stadium with one of my MB buddies. We rode into main street doin about 15MPH and I noticed POPO eyeballin me pretty hard. Pulled over and stopped bike, they pulled along side immediately.. Driver asked, "you got a M2 license"? I said "I have an M1, but you don't need a license"? I told them it's in the DMV handbook. They looked at each other and said "OH O.K.", And they drove off. That was it. Don't think they know what the actual law is.

  2. bamabikeguy

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    That's why they have pedals, and if your feet start moving round and round, that is the confusing part !

    We'll call this one a WIN !
  3. fetor56

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    Don't worry,with the increasing popularity of these MB they'll look up the law & next time be prepared.....we can do our bit however by peddling.
  4. Mountainman

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    when THINGS look rough -- peddle -- it works

    when the pooolice seem to be taking notice of me
    I start to pedal -- no matter what speed I am riding
    then -- they seem to just look away at that moment

    probably thinking
    if he has to pedal to help that THING down the road -- poor guy !!!

    little knowing that we are having a blast !!!

    as we ride those THINGS
  5. ufcritter

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    In florida we have what are called "pedal-assisted vehicles" which are technically supposed to be electric assist. Fortunately, most law enforcement around here assume it applies to gas engines too.
  6. machiasmort

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    Why pedal? Just whip a u-turn everytime they get close--- eventually they'll just give up- won't they?
  7. angrysamoan

    angrysamoan New Member

    Pretty good! I was actually thinking that! "Screw these guys"! Then I realized it was gonna be O.K. and i'll reason with them..................
  8. mlcorson

    mlcorson Member

    Personally, I wouldn't ride if I had the shadow of the law hanging over me. I make sure I'm legal and I'm open to a discussion with any police officer (or his watch commander) about what is unclear for him or her about the the law. In Missouri the law seems pretty clear, must have pedals, no transmission, under 50cc, etc. Last time I was at a street fair, the local police on security, told me I could walk my bike through the fair...didn't even need to park it. Feels good to be "loud and proud"...the way I like it. If you need advocacy in your local community, well... I suggest you BE that advocacy by talking to your alderman, police chief etc. Problem is, you can't do that if you're outside the law by pushing the limits with an 80cc for example. Come to think of it....same problem if you're a NORML member. :)
  9. s_beaudry

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    100% trouble free riding here in South Carolina...

    The police are very relaxed down here to say the least! I was riding my bikke one time with the 6.5hp push trailer attached and honestly past three cop cars within a minutes time. The third car slowed down, slammed down the passenger side window and gave me a BIG thumbs up and then sped away!

    I love the deep south!
  10. seanhan

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    No problems for me in Texas Yet, Did get stopped once and was asked if the GEBE would fit on a full suspention bike !!!! That was interesting,had me worried at first, I guess the name of the game is wait and see !!!!
  11. sunsetboy

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    Pedalling by...

    Mountainman is right on the mark with this one. In San Francisco, I just pedal by the SFPD. I have not encountered any problems with law enforcement regarding my use of my Mb. I even rode past a bicycle patrol officer with no notice whatsoever.:cool:
  12. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    I remember way back in 2005, when there were no MB's in the county, and I was just starting to get the techniques down, I was going down a wide/busy three lane (turn lane in the middle), with a major intersection about 200 yards ahead, and an empty convenience store on the corner.

    Quick look back, I saw a chance, and took an angle, from the far right shoulder through the 3 lanes into the abandoned lot, where I was going to exit on the far side, skip the whole red light at the intersection.

    Right when I got over the sidewalk I saw the patrol car parked behind a building just a little ahead of that right side shoulder.

    What I did was stop the bike and do a quick "wheel/belt inspection", killed about a minute moving the bike forward and back, then did a few slow circles in the empty parking lot...pedaling pedaling pedaling "yes officer, its a bike...."

    He never moved, I thought he was more interested in my "problem solving" exercise than my racing over the three lanes like a horse out of the gate and shortcutting that intersection.
  13. fourfeathers

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    Hi all.
    I'm in Newzealand our laws say that if its' under 50cc and the peddles arn't part of the transmision then it dosn't need to be registered, you don't need a liecence and you don't need a certicate of road worthiness. Whenever the representatives of the law and I cross parths they always smile and wave. To busy chasing boy-racers. I reacon they think that if everyone rode MBs they'd have less things to do and could spend more time drinking coffee and eating dohnunts.
  14. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    motorcycle cops -- to be feared

    motorcycle cops -- to be feared -- that's for sure
    and these guys know all current State and Local laws

    since my last post in this thread
    I was riding out at the San Diego Pacific beach area the other day
    there was a sight coming up on my left -- that should be avoided at all times

    a whole group of motor cycle cops standing out in front of some apartments
    a strange sight to be seen -- all motor cycles -- no pooolice cars ??
    I knew inside that it would be best to just turn off MB and pedal
    but -- I didn't turn off MB -- but -- I did pedal by

    you should have seen them all watch me ride past -- as they drooled on themselfs !!!

    motorcycle cops main job is -- to write tickets.............

  15. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    I has an interesting encounter yesterday. I'd gone to the public library to see what new Bollywood movies might have been donated (the Indian nuns at the Anglican mission here get them regularly, and donate them), and on my way out the entry I encountered two bicycle patrol officers. One young man, one young woman, both drenched in sweat.

    Literally drenched in it - he was sweating so hard it wasn't dripping, it was trickling off his chin. They had stopped to make a pit stop and fill their water bottles. So, being the obnocious old fart I tend to be, I spoke with them, asked how they were doing, etc. The temp outside was about 90, with 90% humidity. Anyway, we got to talking about bicycles, and I told them about the trike conversion I am working on, including the engine assist.

    They both perked right up at that idea - the young lady asked how I'd gotten the idea, so I asked them to come in the library to the publically available computers there, and I showed them. This forum, the other major forum, SpookyTooth's forum. We spent 45 minutes scanning through threads, looking at the info - including showing them the "Laws and Legislation" info we are accumulating. Then the young guy asked me if I was the one who helped the old lawn service guy motorize his Schwinn trike - to which I admitted I was. He said the old man is his uncle, and he was really glad I'd helped him out, as the hills here in town were brecoming a real problem for him with all his lawn care equipment in the bike and trailer.

    It ended with them telling me they want to see my trike when it is ready to roll, and both of them indicated they were going to see about motorizing their personal bikes - they can't do anything to the cop shop's bikes without permission. These are two VERY FIT young people who bike an average of 40+ miles a day in the heat here as their jobs - the way I see it, they NEED engines.

    So, if a couple of young people sign up here from Shreveport soon, it will likely be them. Treat the cops like what they are - people, with human concerns and issues in their lives, and they will almost always return the consideration.
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  16. Rileymoto

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    Man i would **** myself in that situation!

    Good show bro! Good show!

    Although it is legal in my state i can see a police man pulling me over not knowing the laws!
  17. icyuod2

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    you guys are lucky, up here in london ontario, they gotta be plated, insured and you need a restricted m class licence and dot motorcycle helmet.

    gas-approved motorcycle helmet is required;
    vehicle must be insured and registered and have a valid licence plate;
    no passengers allowed;
    they must meet federal safety standards for a limited speed motorcycle;
    motor-assisted bicycles are not allowed to travel on 400 series highways.

    A new, restricted class M licence for limited-speed motorcycle (LSM) and moped drivers was introduced on November 28, 2005. This new restricted class M licence has a condition that allows licence holders to drive limited-speed motorcycles and mopeds only.

    if your not legal and ya run into the po po, ya might as well get out your wallet, cause its gonna cost ya a fortune in tickets.

    now if its electric, you can do what ya want. makes no sence to me

    electric-Operators must be 16 years of age or older
    All operators must wear an approved bicycle helmet at all times
    No driver's licence is required to operate an electric bicycle on the highway
    No written test is required to operate an electric bicycle on the highway
    No vehicle registration or plate required
    There is no requirement for motor vehicle liability insurance.
  18. OCLandspeeder

    OCLandspeeder Member

    Simple Simon, tell those nice Shreveport cops that they need to talk to Santa Cruz Green Motors. SC Green Motors is like Spooky Tooth Cycles.

    Check this out: Speed Police Interceptor_files/slide0001.htm

    It is based on their modified Schwinn Searcher bicycle.