got me this bike but i want new forks :(

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    well i got me another schwinn cause i had my other one stolen by my crack head sister bf and well im building a new one to trap him this time anyways i wanted to put front springer forks on the front what size yall think this might be i dont have calipers i can tape measure it but might not be so accurate thanks for input guys love the new style site ^^
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    From what I found, most bikes are 1 inch or 1 and 1/8th inch forks. They can be threaded, or non threaded, so be careful and know what you have. The difference of an eighth of an inch should be appaerant with a ruler or tape measure but I don't know where to measure from. The "steering tube" is where your measurement should be, IDK if you'd be able to measure the outside or inside diameter though. Good luck! Your story made me laugh so hard. Every single word kills my sides. Your profile pic is gold too haha
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    yup i got a cam system ready and ill have the bike anchored to an ol engine block i have discretely of course and also i have an old broke xbox im going to put one of these into it by the door so when they pull on the bike and cant make off with it hopefully they will run off with the false xbox and ill to the police and help my community also myself and hey maby recover some of my parts who knows thanks bro and its a true story ...