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Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by recumbentbill, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. After powering around using my 26cc tanaka I decided to switch engines and use my 40cc tanaka purefire. Big difference[duh] and not a lot of difference in gas mileage. I am now 95% happay with my setup. My rear gas tank holds 1gallon [ did away with the itty bitty stock tank]and works great[thanks augi]. I like having front and rear suspension. I switched from the 2.35 knobbies which rubbed the drive belt to continental town and country 2.1 tires [ from bike nashbar]. gained some speed with the conti's too. I added a threadless stem riser[3" addition] which allows me to ride more up right in comfort. I replaced the stock wal mart mongoose thin hard seat with a bell gel seat. The bike handles good, does 30+ mph ,the mpg is about 140[after engine break in]. I mounted the trigger throttle up side down which sounds odd but since i basically run full speed my thumb would get numb with the trigger mounted in the normal position. With the trigger pointing up I just use my body weight and rest my thumb or other parts of my right hand to keep the throttle open. Also shot a little self tap screw into the throttle clip to keep the throttle from sliding around on the handle bar. I have had several 80 and 90 mile rides which include concrete,pavement,gravel and dirt roads with no problems with the engine ,bike or comfort issues. For those considering a GEBE rack mount I highly recoomend going the full susp mtb route with a bigger gas tank;) here is a pic of my gast tank setup

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  2. kawasaki999

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    Hi Bill. I am running the tanaka 47r, 14 tooth, 2.2 slicks, amazing 160+ mpg.

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  3. Torques

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    Why do you have a gutter downspout mounted at the rear of your bike? :shock:
  4. Hive

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    Good One!

    Amazing how genius minds have similar thoughts!

    Kidding aside, the 47 must rocket that bike. Wonder how Loud it is?

  5. gutter

    the gutter spout comes out at a push of a button when I gotta go:grin:
  6. HAHAHAHA!! That gutter spout is on the house! :grin:
  7. kawasaki999

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    The tanaka 47r is what I call quiet with the stock muffler, but I put an x-can muffler on it and it is loud and 3mph faster with a lot more low end. Is 47mph fast? I have there baffel kit ordered to quiet it down.
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    Looks really comfy. I've ridden and downhilled with a full suspension MTB and theres a huge difference compared to hardtails. This must be a killer setup. You shoulda taken a picture of the whole bike. Shame to only see half of that beauty!
  9. KiDD

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    Thats no gutter spout, that is a custom exhaust pipe!
  10. codi79

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    Are you using the gas can as a tank?
  11. gas tank

    Yes. I removed the small tanaka tank and replaced it with a 1 gal blitz plastic gas can. I started out filling up the small tanaka tank from the Blitz can every 22 or 25 miles Got tired of doing multiple fill ups on long rides
  12. complete bike

    Here is a pic of the whole bike. Pardon the human kickstand::lol:

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  13. kawasaki999

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    Did the same!

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  14. graucho

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    Super! You have the "set up" im saving up for. Ill be in touch for details when I get close.
  15. Hive

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    Bill, Did the T-40 come with vertical tank? The pic looks like it was horizontal before being replaced.

    It appears the new tank is anchored to the engine mount bolts as well as the added frame?

    May be something Van might want to review?

    And, K999, how do you like those Bontagers?

    How did you adjust for belt clearance? I had them on the Trek bike and loved the tire, but had to shim the drive gear and the belt was never centered satisfactorily.
  16. kawasaki999

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    Love the tires, shimed the pully and shimed the bracket at the axcel with washers, belt tracks perfect but not much clearance with that wide tire. went with 26x 2.1 continentals town&countrys on the other bike.
  17. Gas Tank info

    Yes the tanaka tank was horizontal.
    The new tank/tank rack is mounted to the engine mount[new bolt drilled in back of the engine mount bolts] and the added frame. I now have a 100 + miles on the continental town and country 2.1 tires. Belt clearance is good.The tires handle great.
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