got my engine.. very tight to fit. must do a few mods



hi guys i need your help and good eye judgement.

i have been stressing for the past few days about the engine i will buy
cause all i have seen is pics and havent seen one in real life but by going
by pic of other bikes i think it will be a snug fit.. *unsure*
please feel free to leave suggestions and ideas and also your thoughts
on if it would fit or not.

i will upload a link as to where the engine is comming from.

thanks.. Matt




also.. it would be great to know what kinda power and speeds to expect out of this project.. im a fairly large guy too.. soo.. yeah..

any thoughts or facts?


i'd say no to tight of a fit no place for the carbarator. dont want to bumm you out but there is just not enough room . might want o try just a beach cruzer frame better for thse small engines larryca


If you were expecting to bolt on and go . . .
I think it looks to tight, but if you can tinker a bit . . .
anything can work, Blaze and I do all kinds of
MODS to get these thins to fit.

Take a look at the bike Blaze is currently working on,
it is a tighter fit than the bike you have pictured,
but pay attention to the mods we did . . .




yeah i thought soo too at first but i really think i can pull it off
i have seen another bike similr to this.. and he used some sort of extention between where the engine mounts on the seat pole and the engine mount. so it pushes the engine over a little towars the tip of the v.

keep in mind this still is a 26" mountain bike. and if you have had a look at the engine im putting on i think i can do it.

if it doesnt in the end.. i guess i will be annoyed. but i do have another bike i could use.
only problem is that the brakes are not safe! :p


this bike below as the same engine i wanna mount.
its shape is similer to the one i have only that my cross bars are thicker.
his bike has a shorter angle between the seat pole and the lower bar..
where as mine has the bigger angle.

i find the bars to kinda give the bike a look of short and stubby.. like an illusion.
thats why my hopes are that i can get it to fit...

i would be happy at least to just be able to mount it without the carby.
then work around the space i have and modify the connection.

yet again you gues have built these things and have more xperience so i do take what you guys are sayng into mind and preparing for it not to fit. lol.



Just make sure to mount it high enough
that the pedals don't hit the case and low
enough that you can access the spark plug,
also go get a lawnmower plug they are about
half the height of the ones in the kit




hey thanks for the tip on the lawn mower idea!

but hey will the pedals really effect where the engine is? i mean yea you cant have it too low.. but ouldnt the distance between the pedals be just enough for the engine..
well in anycase i hope it will be nough..
i will find out next week when i order the engine..


hi there people..

my engine came in on monday i installed the clutch cable kill switch and cdi box

the throttle snapped so i need a replacement
i can use something else emporarily.

the mods to the engine i have to make is to cut the pipe that you slide the carberator on so that it wont get in the way when you put in the pipe.

also taking the front threads off the front mount and placing them on the rear seat allow for extra room

then for the front mount to see if i can use the adaptor plate provided or custom make one to fit the bike better

i might have to get rid of the original air filter cover and put something else on it so i have even more space for the engine mount

i need to change the back tyre as its really wide.


You shouldn't have a real clearance problem with the pedals unless you use the centrifugal clutch (or maybe a pull starter). The motors that only have a manual clutch are much skinnier.