Got my engines!


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5:04 AM
Feb 4, 2022
Louisa, Kentucky
So last year while helping my aunt move out here to Kentucky I got given 2 Briggs flathead engines from one of my dad's various step dad's. I couldn't take them home on the plane with me so I left them with my aunt. Now that I've moved out here I picked them up last night.

One is a 3.5hp that the ignition system is missing, but did run. The other is the one I really wanted to get my hands on, an updraft carburetor 3hp with a 4:1 (I think) reduction box on it. The engine is locked up tight. It's gonna take a lot, but I want to build it into a high reving monster of an engine and put it on a bicycle.

The 3hp engine I know needs a lot of love, but I am pretty determined to get it running since it's important to Clay (the guy who gave it to me) as it belonged to his dad, and he gave it to me because he wanted me to do something with it.

Here's a picture of the reduction box and the 2 engines. I may or may not use the reduction box, not sure yet, but it's just a neat and rare piece.

Welp, a quick inspection that 3hp is pretty roached. I pooped loose the oil fill and flipped it upside down, and saw dust came out. That was very surprising, but saw dust in oil can mask a rod knock, so perhaps it was bum before it locked up.