Got my first MB today


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2:15 AM
Sep 5, 2008
St. John, Indiana
Recieved my Robin 35 and friction drive from Staton today. Mr. Staton gets an A+ from me. Everything arrived on time and in perfect condition.

My 74 year old neighbor came over and helped me mount it on my Trek mountain bike. I think he was as interested in seeing this thing as I was. Got it all together in about 1 hour, not hard at all. Fired it up and took it for a spin. I am impressed. This thing is a gas.

Right away a guy across the street working on the neighbors house hollers "no way" and comes over to take a look. Then he goes back to his truck to get his camera-phone to take a picture to show his buddy.

An SUV passed me and I thought the 12 year old in the passengers seat was gonna fall out the window gawking at me.

When I told my wife I was gonna get this she thought it was a really dumb idea. Now that she's seen it she wants one for herself.

If you're thinking of getting a MB, do it. I'm having a ball on mine.
Great job!
Another one hooked and spreading the word. We should start a religion, we get more
new members here than the church lol. Wait, thats kind of sad when you think of it....
I remember when I was on the verge of placing my order I wondered what my wife would have to say about it. I was pretty certain that I could expect trouble, so I just placed the order without discussing it with her.

You wouldn't believe the trouble she gave me when the engines showed up on our doorstep. I'll spare you the details. But it was rough, you can believe that.

So, feeling the heat, I built her bike first. We both got familiar with that one before I built mine, a week or two later. She was quite happy with it. She then proceeded (with the help of one of our daughters) to beat the living **** out of her machine. I'm still trying to get it up and running. (It'll be my spare)

So she's no longer an MB'er. But I'm riding everyday. Go for days at a time without driving an automobile. And my wife's happy enough. She recognizes that this is a fine mode of transportation. It's getting me around cheaply and with a lot of fun and fresh air.

The point being that if one wants to do this, you simply have to do it whether your wife likes the idea or not. Then you have to put up with some squawking. Then you have to make the thing work.

but it's well worth while.
My wife doesn't like my hobbies because I never stick with one for more than a year or two. I tell her "I wanna try everything before I die". Trouble is I dump lots of money into some of this stuff then a couple of years later it sits collecting dust. Golf equipment, fishing stuff, camera equipment, magic stuff, etc..

This venture makes sense, though, because my Trek mountainbike has been collecting dust for several years . Now it will be put to good use. Maybe I'll even get my Pentax DSLR off the shelf again.

Yeah. Thats what I'll tell her!:devilish:
welcome Pugdaddy

same set up I have -- simple and has turned out -- very sweet

shouldn't turn out like your other hobbies

as long as that thing runs -- there will always come a time for a ride

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