Got my LiveFastMotors Upgrade Kit - GOOD

Discussion in 'Spare Parts, Tools & Product Developement' started by Marktur, Jun 16, 2008.

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    Just wanted to give some good feedback like I do for all the other vendors here...I have bought stuff from the banner ones for sure, and some ebay-ers.

    It took over a week to arrive, which sucked, but it arrived today, and looks great! I counted the teeth on the gear - 40t as described. One side is finished and smooth, the other side I'll hit with a dremel (between the teeth) lightly to smooth.

    Hopefully I don't have to take links out of the chan, and with the tensioner, I can take up the slack - so I can change again easily if I want to. If not, I have a second chain now that came with the kit. :) The other part of the upgrade kit is a oversized frame mounting with a U-bolt that looks like it's real steel, and not the breakable stuff.

    When I do this overhaul, I will also take the time to paint the motor.

    Ya know, this is as fun as being a kid and having your first car, and putting in your first radio or tint!

    So I think I'll take a "mental health" day from work tomorrow, and change my sprocket, and then ride to the beach or something! (Good to be the boss sometimes :))

    I rented Pee-Wee's Adventure to watch with the kid tonight. (His bike IS very nice, I'm not ashamed to say.) My kid doesn't even know who he is, and he's 11 :) Should be fun.

  2. Mark you are such a REBEL!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the time off tomorrow.....
  3. Marktur

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    Well good news and bad news...bad news first....I ended up at work....good news: RODE THE BIKE WITH THE NEW SPROCKET!!!!

    Woo-hoo! This is the first time ever I was able to hold WOT! The 40t was just what the doctor ordered...I backed off at about 28mph, but based on previous experience running it high, I'm sure I can cruise at 30. But 25 was just great! That's about 5mph faster than I normally cruise, or a 25% increase in speed. Nice improvement for sure!

    I did count the teeth on the original sprocket - 44t. So the drop of 4 teeth made a nice difference.

    During the week this week, I'm going to cleanup the porting and gaskets...still waiting for my layback seatpost and the front shocks from Spooky...slow delivery for sure.
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    Glad everything is going good for you Mark! Hope you get your other items soon.

  5. spunout

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    my bike? would you like to buy it?
    its not for sale, marktur :lol::lol::rolleyes:

    the front mount u-bar is what every kit should have. drilling thru the frame is just asking for throuble
  6. Marktur

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    Spunout - THAT was funny!
    His bike was really nice, now that I've got a soft spot in my heart for cruisers...
    Watching my kid laughing really hard was great, too.
    Poor Pee Wee...he was great....why did he have to get caught in the "Yellow Building"??? :)

    Crab - what's up with the tensioner?
  7. Marktur

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    PS...too late, I drilled....but I like the U-bar...I'll use it on the next one.
  8. Yeah Ive been seeing those ..then I seen one on his site and called and asked about it but did'nt have 2 days for the wait and made a little rougher ,but painted, replica of thiers . works best I think too. There was a couple of guys on here that are buddies and they are the only installers that've had a problem with these u mounts. They put it I do beleive..theres a saddle on the oppposing side of the U clamp that I dont think they have and this is why they had a sliding around engine on thier cranbrook. They suggested one lower and one higher. I used one .. and it was more that successfull. Ill tell ya for some reason that bike turned out sooo oo oo smooth and Im not scared of big tube instals anymore. $3 mount and well worth it Oh I 13/64" rill out the 10mm holes and upgrade them to 1/4" all thread..all 4 trust me no ones coming back with a greasy ol engine to pull out and replace studs. .just keep'em tight I use thread lock too. Oh LFM CJR thier helpfull.