Got my M1 yesterday

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    Went to bike-smart for three days training, and now I don't have to peddle when I see a policeman. A few of the students in my class crashed their bikes, and went home. Now I might get a real motorcycle, something I wasn't planning to do. The course was easy to pass if you study all of the DMV tests, and pay attention to the slide show. It was a 50 question multiple choice test, and if you don't pass, you get to take it one more time. If you fail that test, you have to repeat the course. The driving part was easy. It wasn't the DMV circle test. It was a bunch of maneuvers that you had already practiced during the training. The instructor told us before we left that early morning practicing is good when there are no cars on the road.
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    i recently took the ridesmart program in CA, totally worth it. Learned alot, even though I knew how to ride a motorcycle before hand.
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    Where and with whom did you take your class from?