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YAHOO!!!!! Got my motor from Thatsdax. Got it on ebay from them, now hopefully next week I'll get me another bicycle. Was planing to use my mountian bike, but I really rather have a cruiser style bike as I don't like being bent over for long my back don't like it. Thinking about getting the one from walmart Kulana Moon Dog it is a 7 speed, I hope the bike be ok. :D :D


Kulana from Walmart

I see you are interested in the Kulana from Walmart. I purchased one for my 80 cc and of course you will have to make or modify the front motor mount, and with the 2.125 rear tire you will have to use a panned sprocket or use exta spacers in your sprocket. I have left the 7 speed shifter on and works great. It is actually a fairly comfortable ride.
I think that the looks alone for newly manufactured cruiser is fantastic.
If you let a little air out of the tires it is smoother also but make sure you have the clearence from tire to chain.
Any other questions about the bike, feel free to inquire.
Brian :eek:


Yes, they come with really wide tires. Putting on 1.75" tires works well. Don't forget to take off the fenders, or add some bracing because they will crack and fall off.



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Nov 4, 2006
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Hugemoth said:
Don't forget to take off the fenders, or add some bracing because they will crack and fall off.


Very good point, Moth.

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GOOD looking bike......huffy cranbrook....right? My buddy motored one just like it. I hope you have reinforced the front fender. his came tangled enough to lock up his front wheel........sent him over the handlebars....he said he was in the air....(like superman) ....long enough to contemplate his landing. fortunately, he was ok.(to hear him tell it, was a hoot!) there have been several other instances of this happening... on the cranbrook.... some were not so lucky. just want ya to ride safe.