got rid of that dam shift kit

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    i had been having lots of problems with my bike in regards to the shift kit with the chain coming off and breaking, so i decided to take the dam thing off.

    I went back to my normal sprocket then went for a ride and the only problem was that the bike chain broke (probably had been under to much stress from that shift kit) when i was about 6km away from home so i had to use my feet to get up to speed then let the clutch out so i could get home lol. :grin5:

    When i was riding along at about 70% throttle the engine tone changed and i got a massive boost? my bike is still on run in but i'm curious to find out what causes this also where in the rev range is the power band for these bikes?

    Once i'm done with run in the mods i wanna do are:
    SBP Expansion pipe
    Performance air filter
    maybe a 36t sprocket
    Any more suggested mods?

    Thanks Guys happy riding

    Here are some pics

  2. atomichurley

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    also does anyone know much about the dellorto carb just wondering how to tune it
  3. BoltsMissing

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    I'm not sure if this is it, but if you post thye carb's type, number etc there's a better chance to find the acurate manual.

    BTW, it would be great if you could post some results as you tune your carb during trail and error mixture settings.

    And the atomisers; which length works best or better, or is this length unique for each person's MB use?

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  4. dan+1

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    interesting manual on tuning the carb thankns.
  5. BoltsMissing

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    Just realized, I ought to post it on a new thread so the titel suits....oh well,
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    Click onto my signature link to read my evaluation of the Dellorto carb. It's worked great for me and needs only the main jet to be the right size w/o messing with needle and/or pilot jet. It gives more low end grunt and more top speed.
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    ummmmm have u tried rse an asked about your carb an motor setting that u ordered ?