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Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Instantbacon, Feb 25, 2009.

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    Hi, I have 2 6.5 horsepower engines one is a poulan pro and the other is a craftsman, I also have a a 5.0 briggs and a 4.75 and a 4.00 tecumseh. I would like to mount one of these (preferably the 6.5 horsepower) engine to my bicycle and was wondering if a jackshaft would allow me to use the bicycle transmission? These are all pushmower horizontal shaft engines. I also wonder what the powerband is on these engines, anyone dyno a pushmower engine? I doubt this thing will be street legal because of its engine size but I just want to play around with it in the country. I want something pretty fast.

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    I've tried to mount my 6hp Robin engine onto my cruiser frame. It won't fit without eliminating the bottom crankset and building a new subframe.

    Jackshaft is necessary to center the engine and route its power to the right side.

    Unsure if there is room for a jackset.

    You need to trial-fit this engine onto YOUR bike.

    If successful and geared correctly, it will be a VERY fast bike.

    Your 6hp should come in between 3600-4000rpm.

    Make sure you upgrade the brakes first.
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    I'm not sure if it is worth doing or not because of the legal aspect. I don't mind having a 67cc engine but a near 200cc is obviously oversized. I don't know many places besides a few country roads that I could ride it on so I might abandon the project. It would be really cool to have such a powerful bike though! I might just research more into fitting a pocketbike engine on my bike so I can at least stay around 50cc.
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    Pocketbike engines bolt onto commercial rack-mounted systems and probably scooterguy's frame-mount too.

    MUCH easier to install; from what I've read, pb engines have awesome power.