Got some new Saddlebag Panniers


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Jun 26, 2008
Check these out transit detour panier bags on a old man mountain rack. The rack mounts great using the frame holes and the reflectors hold the top supports, even the supplied nuts and bolts are the same thread as the reflectors so I just threaded a bolt on the back of the reflector.

I wonder where that motor took off too?:D:devilish:


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I have one observation regarding your saddlebags, and that's the drawstring. I don't know how close it is to your spokes, but it looks like it could potentially get caught in them. I'd find a way to secure the ends of the drawstrings.
the bag is open those tuck in and get sealed by another flap/lid that buckles over the drawstring seal. These should work great and clear the exhaust by atleast 2 inches even when loaded.
here is a better pics of the bags with my new cafe racer twist on my whizzer.


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someone had asked me here i had gotten my saddlebags...the leather ones

this is a link to the ebay listing

these are nice bags...and jut the right size fer a bicycle

comes in a few flavours


down the road if u got some $$$ wasting away doing nothing...get em theyd just add another layer of Cool to yer bike..cloth bags are for commuters.....yer bike is too cool fer that :)
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well I was going to do the leather bags but the problem is at school this bike has to be in the backyard of my apt. So Im gonna get a scooter cover of something for it but I didnt want the leather because of that. Also This is a commuter and I need extremely functional bags for carrying my books to school. These bags come off in about one second you just grab the handle and lift and the top hooks come off. They have a bungee corded bottom hook they work great. Eventually I might get some leather ones but for now I need function(plus I can take them off when I dont need them and I think that looks the best.