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  1. super dave

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    hey guys i got some updates for my bike and i want to share with all. i cleaned up all the derailers, cables and levers. new dual pull brake levers and a sbp tuned pipe with a custom install. the new pipe is great works well better starting power and mid power hey and a little quieter. so still happy to ride this old bike.

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  2. give me vtec

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    looks great!!!

    Are the expansion chambers in?? I ordered one last week and cant wait to get mine!!!! How does it feel with it on, was it worth it... definitly noticable???
  3. super dave

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    for the money yah it is worth it and yes you will notice a big difference, but i didn't like the suggested mounting that is why i change the way to what you see. hope it is good for you too.
  4. Just_Gasit

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    Where do you get a pipe like that? Link please.
  5. super dave

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    tuned pipe

    here is the link, you can buy from them and there have good shipping and not to long to get. please remember i did not follow the mounting the way there have shown. i have moded the header pipe and tube so that i can have it mounted in this way. i didn't feel i wanted it mounted below and in between the crank so this is a bit of custom work that i have done here.
  6. Hawaii_Ed

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    looks great, can not wait to get one!
  7. Top Cheese

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    I see that you took of the front derailleur. Did you keep the rear derailleur on? Or did you just switch it to a coaster break?
  8. super dave

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    what i have found is that with this new pipe the start power is much better now and it does need to pedal up too much now so i felt no need. what i did is remove the crank derailer and the rear derailer and of course all gear selectors. changed to a dual pull brake lever for front and rear all in one ( works very well this way ) and one lever for clutch just to try and clean up the look of the bars. yes so no coaster just single speed now, yes did have to shorten the crank gear chain and readjust.