Got Stopped Again!! Volusia County Sheriffs-

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    Last night i got stopped by a volusia county sheriff. He comes up to me and say's i had to stop you. I see you riding around all the time and i wanna know how you keep your kit running so good. Im thinking what he's talking about. Then he goes on and says he i bought 80cc chain drive kit and all it has done is break and cost me money. I got 30miles on the thing and i have done nothing but work on it. Here i see you every day riding around town and your never broke down. How do you keep yours running so good. I told him "I dont do anything to keep it running. It just keeps going its a bumblebeebolton you cant break em i have been trying for months". He says to me can i take it for a spin around the parking lot!!!! I told yes sir you sure can here ya go!! He went around one time and wanted to know where to buy them. I told him were i got mine( the website) and He's gonna buy one from the supplier! He told me about a motorized bicycle club in my town!! He invited me to go riding this weekend with them. I asked him what kits they use and he said half uses chains the other half uses friction. So i will fit in!!! It was really really cool for the cop to stop and ask about my kit. We gotta cop on our side!!

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    I wish, i just wish the moderators would let me have a reply to this thread that wouldn't get me banned for life!!!
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    Wow ! Where can i buy one ???? !!!!!!!!!! !
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    Not everyone is as mechanically blessed as you are. Some people like just being able to ride with out having to buy upgraded parts for there kit to make it reliable. You get what you pay for. The question is how much are you willing to spend for reliability? It seems to me your gonna fork out the cash in the end anyways after you tweak your kit to your standards. Like i said some people like building and fixing some people like to just ride. Don't hate on me cause i like to just ride!!
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    Thats a great story!!!

    I've never gotten stopped, but where i'm from it seems that PO's can at times be difficult to deal with.
    I wish that if/ when I do get pulled over, i'd have a similar story to share.

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    As long as your respectful it usually ends up on the good side. I have been pulled many times and i must say that was a cool experiance. Im going riding with the motorized bike club he's in on saturday!!! It was cool thats for sure!!!
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    so tell everyone what happened
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    That isn't going to happen because he is banned.
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    I wish aussie cops where like this, instead they hand out fines and orders to court haha
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    Australian police officers are some of the most unforgiving and heartless police on the planet.

    Not having a bell, and that also includes not having a "working" bell on your bike is a $168 fine in Victoria. A friend of mine who is a Highway Patrol Officer loves this little law, and hands out tickets left right and centre to cyclists without a "working" bell.
    Even if you have a bell on your bike but it doesn't operate smoothly or half operates; making an inconsistent ringing sound, he will still hit you up for a $168 fine.

    When i heard that information i effectively had $168 to purchase a seriously good bell.

    If Americans think they have it tough in their country, they wouldn't survive the plethora of draconian laws we have in Australia.
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    I ride with 2stroker sometimes he invited me last weekend to go riding with these guys and it was a total blast! We rode from deland,fl to daytona beach,fl and rode down strip about 20 of us it was awesome..we turned heads thats for sure! noone had any problems with there kits chain drive and frictions all rode beautifully! im taking my 2seater out next weekend with the wife! Maybe i wil get some pics1
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    Careful, you'll end up being portrayed in crappy films as Mean Badass MB Gang.:goofy:
  13. Ludwig II

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    And what is happening to Strilia? This is Godzone Country, where people were rumoured to be relaxed about life, not coming up with eejit laws and penalties.
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    I think you better check your china gurl for and exhaust leak cause it sounds like your sucking fumes!
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    I'm in the UK and we know we have too many laws. But Australia? There's something wrong with the world when it gets silly like that.