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    Well a cop stopped me tonight. Full lights and the whole speaker "please turn off the motor and step away from the bike". I did and he said the only reason he had stopped me at 2:30 in the morning was that he was not sure if I was on a moped or what. asked me where I had gotten the kit and then let me go. Had a good 5 min conversation with him and explained the bike.

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    Uno, I'm having a very hard time understanding why these bikes are such a "Red Flag" for the police? Heck, you would think that they travel at major speeds, and are loud enough to be heard over the whole city? No, they aren't at all, they are just a VERY EASY TRAGET!~ See whats so wild, is there are so many serious situations going on all around, and instead, the time is used to stop a MB'ers? Then you have to go threw all that spill of who,what,where,why??? Just think, if they had been more available years ago, the mafia would of used them. Uno, because they are so FAST,STEALTHY,QUICK, and gone in a blink of an eye? Just think, if you are lucky, you can hit over 30+ mph.......WOW!!!!!!!!!!~
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    It's the Iluminatis fault, a MB is too smart for them, the idea outshines their faceless existance!
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    Dice1 - What state are you in?