Got the fever after all them years!

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    Leatherhead here,
    I'm 56yrs. old. Bought my first very well used 1948 Whizzer when I was 14yrs. old for 20.00 dollars. No clutch,headlight or tail light. To start it you had to stup down and put your chest on the seat to apply down word pressure so the back wheel would not skid in the grass. Run with it untill the motor started firing and then jump on. It would do 40 mph on the flats. I had it for three yrs.and sold it for 20.00 dollars. Me and my friends rode that Whizzer all most to death. It always started and we shure had a lot of fun.
    Have a new one ordered with motor upgrades and a few other extras. Should have it by the first part of June. It will be a good time to ride here in Montana. I can hardly wait!
    I'll keep ya posted,

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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Thank you,
    Be talking to ya later.