Got the second one wrapped up finally

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    Great Forum!
    And a lot of useful info that helped me with both my builds.

    My first bike is on the left. Shes the fast one got to 43 on the flats with a slight tail wind.
    My latest and just finished is on the right.
    Suffering with a couple reliability issues right now but she came out looking close to the original vision.
    That's a legit team Krylon rattle-can paint job by the way

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  2. alfredart

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    Your new one look great. Nice style.
  3. Daeouse

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    Probably a stupid question, but where did you get that wonderful frame?
  4. Daeouse

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    A second question, is there a build thread for this bike? I'd love to know how you managed to get a disc-brake on those front forks. I assume you welded a bracket on, or was it a specialty set of forks?
  5. dirtbag

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    Not stupid at all.
    I had to do a double take when I first saw these frames. It's a Grubee frame with the tank built in to the top tube. Relatively common among builders as I found out. & FRAMES.htm

    As for the disk brake, Venice motor bikes sells an adapter that works pretty well. It took a little grinding to get my old caliper to right fit but if you purchase the kit from him, everything should fit.
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    Thanks, man!
  7. Daeouse

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    Another question, do you have any other pics of that awesome bike?
  8. KCvale

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    Nice bike!

    About the frame...

    The GT2 frame comes in 2 flavors from
    Note the tank is as big as the Skyhawk kits 2.5L (2/3 gallon) tank so plenty big.

    The GT2-A for 2-strokes (it has the front mount) and the GT2A-S for 4-stroke engine kits, you can see the subtle difference in the lower front tube geometry to accept the 4-stroke mount plate.

    Note the frame is not painted.
    Sure you can rattle can spray paint it but if you are building with everything new to put on the frame consider your neighborhood auto body place to paint the frame and everything else you want.

    I have a new customer and just ordered the 49cc 4-stroke HS 142F engine with 4G transfer case, a GTA2-S frame, an SBP 4-stroke shift kit, and this yellow rim/black spoke 3-speed wheel set.

    The auto painting place around the corner from me will do it for $100 or less, it varies by paint color with red being the most expensive but it's a multistage paint process with sealing for a finish like a car hood on every mounting part you want painted so keep that in mind if you go with a GTA frame as unlike a rattle can spray paint job, that finish will be still awesome years from now.

    I am a big fan of powder coating, I did the computer service for a local powder coating outfit years ago and got to learn all about it so don't get wrong, the wheels were most likely powder coated and worth it, this is a 'shop small neighborhood business' thing for me.

    Anyway I ramble, sorry for kinda sidetracking your topic and your beautiful build but this topic is 1/2 a year old, I just wanted to answer the questions about the frame you used and what it involves.
  9. Leroybrown420

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    Those Grubee frames are pretty good. I have built 2 of them so far.
    20130921_135748.jpg 20130914_145355.jpg
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  11. KCvale

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    Nice builds Leroy!
    Grubee frame and newer 66cc Skyhawks with the CNS 3 carbs and very clean, very nice work.

    Have you been snickering about the constant news coverage lately of the Polar Vortex and people being cold as much as I have while we enjoy ~70F sunny riding days in January?

    I have my 1st GT2A frame on the way ;-}