Got the wife out on one today

Discussion in 'Travelling, Commuting & Safety' started by iRide Customs, Aug 21, 2007.

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    Yep, that's right. I told her she was going to whether she wanted to or not. I put her on the 1978 Honda PA-50II, showed her the throttle and brakes and after a 5 min. cruise around the cul-de-sac, we took off for a 15 mile ride. BTW, the Honda was no match for Brutus...that surprised me.

    She was grinning ear to ear when we got home. Maybe she'll want a Happy time bike??? Oh shucks, that would mean I'd have to make another new iRide bike:grin::evil::grin:


  2. azbill

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    cool !!! :cool:
    it'll be hard to keep off of yours soon !!! LOL :lol:
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    thanks for the positive posts,'s what keeps me going :cool:
  4. JE

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    Way cool.When we going riding.......:grin:
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    Hey Justin! There is a bicycle poker run in Eugene on Sunday the 26th. I think it's starts at 1:00 pm. Would be cool to see you there. PM me if you want detailed info.


    Positive attitude will get you through most anything. I told the wife that before she got on the bike today. She'd only been on a motorcycle one other time in her life for about 2 min. and I coaxed her into it that time too. This time she was riding an automatic so she didn't have to worry about the clutch. She was freakin' out for the first few minutes and after we made it around the block she didn't want to stop. I couldn't have slapped the smile off her face if I tried. We ended up out in the country gently cruising along at about 20 mph on a gravel road that seemed to split a mint feild like the parting of the Red Sea. Nothing but the sweet smell of mint and castor, mmm, m, m, mmmmm, yummy!
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    Sent you a message
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    Haha, had much better luck than I did. When i put Megan on hers for 1st time, she did well in the parking lot. practicing starts, stops, clutch in/out, etc. this went well for a few minutes, until she (for whatever reason) decided to twist the throttle instead of pull the brake. BOOM! into the wall. luckily, she wasn't hurt. the front wheel was turned just a hair to the left on impact, so the forks were bent back, and the wheel was pushed back next to the crank. "wow. that was actually kind of soft." she says. hahaha
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    Cripes! Glad to hear she didn't get hurt. My wife, Jessica, says I do infact, need to make a bike for her now. I can't seem to keep her off of the Honda Hobbit PA-50 I got a month or 2 ago. I think she's hooked.
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    lol, not everybody can handle it, the first time i got one i cut the neighbors plants in her yard with the mini bike...kept the throttle on in shear panic...oh well i have always enjoyed motored anythings!!!