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    Check out this sweet ride. :tt1: I checked the sn# to find it was made June 1956!
    Now, what kind of motor........ like the look of a HT, but a nice American made, in frame 4-stroke, hmmmm :rolleyes7:

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  2. stude13

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    some guys! a classic could use a classy power plant. i've been looking at twin cylender model air plane engines. 2-5hp engines could be used with a comet tranny or a cvt. again nice find. i just made $400 today using c/l.
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    Man, what a beautiful bike......

    Looks like brand new, too.

    Nice find!
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    there are 3 EZM dealers in PA !!! :)

    very nice score by the way !!!


    Thanks for the replies. I fixed the rear tire and took it out for a ride today.
    It just floats along like a dream.
    Stude13....I have been flying planes (free flight, control line and radio control)for 30yrs. I have and have owned large displacement engines in both 2 and 4 stroke single and multi cylinder. I just don't think it would work for me. They make their power at such high rpms that gearing it down to my speed would be allot of work and the noise would scare all the town folk! But I could be the only one with a 4 cycle 9 cylinder radial engine!! The last time I checked I Think it was around $2500!
    Bill.....I would love to know more about your set up. From the very limited info and pics I have been able to find it looks like a great kit but I won't shell out 500 bones until I know everything about what I'm buying. I want to know whats under that big ugly black cover, I want a good look at the engine and jack shaft (or whatever you call it) mounts. Please give me more info! Or direct me to where I can see more details on the set up.
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