Gotta new friction kit-

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by 2stroker, May 4, 2012.

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    I was gonna build me another kit and i thought to myself ya know y dont i just spend the 279 and get a brand new kit delivered to my door step ready to bolton. So thats what i did. Im trying out the new bike bug. I had a vintage one and liked to lets see what there so called new and improved kit can do. I seen one like it before and it seemed to be going along good. Its the cheapest friction kit thats for sure. I was looking at another one for like 559 but it was 40cc..I dont like going over 30mph either.
    Anything else is just plain careless. You ever lock up a front or back tire going 30mph..i have and let me tell ya if i was going any faster i would be dead. I folded the rim. my dad came around the corner and says to me what did you hit the curb your rims bent..I said no the bearings locked up. he didnt believe me until he did it a year be careful keep your wheels tight and wear a helmet of your going over 30 your gonna need it..I gotta buddy that wasn't so lucky he was doin bout 30 and his front tire locked up. He flipped over and cracked his head wide open. He gotta bald spot and a nasty scar now..Helmets they save lives:eek: