Government hoops are tough to navigate...



man, dee and i have been working so hard to get our bike shop started.

it seemed we were always a step ahead of 'em, anticipating and being prepared for everything.

now, it seems the counselors need a bit of counseling too. misinformation has led us to believe we were ready, the state commission that services dee's needs thought it was going to get our federal funding thru them. after 3 very important meetings, we're told we have to apply directly to the feds for small business assistance.

it's like back to square one, plus we have to have collateral, which the "other" department sort of said wouldn't be necessary. considering she's on social security, the only thing she has is her new house. no way she puts that up, i wouldn't let her even if she offered.

anyway, all said and done, it looks like we won't get our shop, but will still be able to get enough funding for an online drop-ship business.

just had to have a mini-rant...thanks for listening.


Sorry to hear this news. Can you start out small and grow your bike business. I started fixing bikes at age six when my dad and I completely dismantled and overhauled a 1920s vintage bike for me that we drug out of my grandma's chicken coop. By the time I got my first car, I paid for it with money I made fixing bicycles for others. At this time I hadn't worked in a store yet. I did a word-of-mouth home visit kind of repair service. I later ended up working in bike shops off and on for many years. I got my first store job when a guy stopped me on the street and admired the rare french made racing bike I was riding. After a long detailed conversation, he offered me the head mechanics job at his shop. My favorite shop was one where we mainly offered bike repair services. The only new bikes we sold were frames we fabricated on location. We kept putting all the money made back into the business. Eventually my friends there were able to buy the building from the landlord. We started out in a very small store just offering repairs and wheelbuilding services. We always had a warm place and a pot of hot tea available for all the rain drenched bikeriders in town. Maybe you could start out with a few rental bikes and offer repairs to tourists coming to the beaches and go from there. I used to know a guy that had a bike rental business that he operated out of an old delivery truck. He drove it to the beach, pulled bikes out of the truck and parked them around his truck each day he was open for business. He didn't have the hassels and overhead of a storefront. Don't let the petty bureaucrats keep you down. Sorry for the rant, but I hope you can pull this off.


thanks for the encouragement, psuggmog :)

as we're both on benefits, we don't want more than a cash & carry bicycle & accessories shop...we want to use it as a springboard for local bike-path lobbying and as a way to give back: rallies and givaways for local kids, etc...

as luck would have it, a local merchant has offered us retail space at a decent enough rate it may yet happen, we're going to look at the site on monday.


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Aug 4, 2006
Never give up. See the movie 300. That is a good tale of never giving up.


Add to that movie list 'The World's Fastest Indian', and 'Ray'...
Never give up, never surrender.
I have a tattoo design that is a one word mantra to keep me going and never giving in. I had it translated into cyrilic (russian) as a way of keeping private, for it is for me and me alone after all. It will keep kme going in my hardest of times.
I'm going through all sorts of reconsiderations and revisions for my little business venture, but in the end I will still be living my life on my terms; doing my own thing, my own way, in my own time.
Hang in there my man, sometimes the headwind picks up and ya' just gotta pedal a little harder...
You've got our support and everything!


what dose not kill you will make you stronger

Augie I sent you some VA stuff on getting a small bz going last month hope it can help. Make up a bz plan for the gov even though they say they do not need it make several copies for the counclers and ect.
I started my bz out of the back seat of my car moved to a flea market then bought a real shop from there we bought a house on 2 acers of land with the shop attached to the house (realy save gas :) )
I tried to send you an up date on the gov bill for vets but it came back so I do not have your current e mail add. they are giving us more $$ for start up bz you just have to jump through the hoops a little more.

Who is your senator?? call his office and ask for help but again you will have to have a bz plan and projections. A lot of times you have to go up the food chain and back down the food chain a few times but it is worth it.

LA is bad and backward but here the re-hab not only traind me paid me for learning but bought a lot of the tools and equipment I needed to do the work now I am a good tax payer and boy do I pay the taxes every month :eek:
I even have traind several to do the work and hte state paid me to teach those that want to learn check and see if you have a teck rehab there and see what they will help with. The two of you have a lot of oppertunities and a lot of door open to you you just need to learn where they are and where the keys are hiding.

Sutan has been in the hospital for a month now or I would have him help you with the bz plan but there are puter programs out there that can walk you through it you might try the local library.

here is an idea make a trailer to go behind your bike put a dz bikes on it and rent them out in order to get your seed $$ for the bz summer would be a good time to make the $$ and work the system in the aut. and winter.



My boss has a lot of quick phrases he throws out when buisness stuff dosen't go his way. My favorite is:

"Pain is weakness leaving the body."

and another:

"Adventure begins when things stop going as planned."

He's the most focused and determined guy i've ever met and i'm proud to be one of his 12 employees.