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    I have the $150 GPS tracking device "SpyLamp2" and it works as advertised but the company does not respond to questions and the lens has to be removed to get to the cable jack so you can recharge its battery. To fully charge the battery (once a month) you have to buy a phone charger that has an unregulated voltage output since using their cable to charge from your computer only charges it up to 90% of its maximum charge. Also it took them a month to ship it out although the site said it was in stock. So here's an alternative that is a little more expensive.

    $200 GPS bike tracker

    Safe Light is a rear light with rechargeable battery that is to be installed on any type of bike by the clamp on the seat tube.
    The installation takes less than 5 minutes.
    It works like a normal rear battery light but inside it "hides" a GPS tracker able to constantly monitor the position of the bike. The device can be recharged via the USB cable supplied with the package.

    The high visibility light guarantees the safety to report, even at night, your position.

    Safe Light is a special anti-theft device with built-in GPS.
    During a theft attempt the device sends a message to the phone of the owner.

    It is possible to set the anti-theft device so that it does not switch on at the slightest movement of the bike, such as when someone decides to place his bike in the same rack. With the latest technology of global positioning BTrack allows you to follow, thanks to an app on your phone, the movements of the thief on board the stolen bike and control the device remotely.

    BTrack is equipped with a vibration sensor which is able to give the alarm when the bike is no longer immobile.

    Here's the sites testimonies translated from Italian to English. (two were already in English);

    works well, it is precise and easy to use
    on average the battery lasts about 10 days.
    thanks to the app on my smartphone I can check the remaining power of the device.

    Really good product, works and is simple to use. Not particularly cheap but absolutely necessary if you want to avoid them stealing the bike as is happened to me recently while I was shopping at the supermarket. recommended

    It meets expectations and is easy to set up (at least for the functions that have already tested). Delivered in advance

    I installed it on the bike of my son so I know where he is at all times with precision

    Expedited shipping. Ordered Monday, I was delivered the next day!
    The device does its job as a burglar alarm. With the tracking function activated I see the paths that I have made and share them with friends on facebook

    arrived quickly, Thank you to the supplier. Works perfectly, on a test i did,
    Simple to use with the smartphone (i have an iphone).

    So simple, so effective, so cost effective. Handy Android app available to manage the unit. Makes set-up and use childs play.

    Great product that does what is written.
    Good for now the app (intuitive and easy to use), friendly and helpful telephone service to resolve any problems of installation and configuration. Highly recommended
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  2. Jag, Thanks for the insight.
    I have a question....
    With reguards to the GPS devices...
    Do they require a monthly service plan to utilize them?
    In other words, once you buy the device, do you have to subscribe to some sort of monthly service ?
    Thanks in advance!
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    A few days after I received mine i also received a SIMS telephone card from them that I could use by paying a certain amount occassionally (not sure how much) but since I had already put in a locally purchased SIMS card I just stuck with it.
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    update: after a couple of hard rains it stopped working. The rain seeped inside of it and damaged it. So if you get a spylamp then you have to use glue to completely seal it from the rain. Now I have a $160 interesting electronic circuit that is of no use at all. :-(
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    Okay, totally self-serving post, but if you are a Ham ( You have to pas a 35 question multiple guess test and pay ten bucks)( Most bicycle-mobile operators use our MT-AIO, since its built in to a water-tight Pelican case. I plan to install the cheaper MT-RTG and silicon any leak spots. APRS tracking is free on the Web on sites like and others ( Different maps for different folks! I want Road Maps, not USGS topo maps....don't think I will drive my Schwinn meridian trike across the lonely tundra...