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Discussion in 'Stolen Bicycles & Security' started by jamie7399, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. jamie7399

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    Does anyone know of a GPS system u Can put in the down tube of the bike so if the moter bike gets Stolen it can be tracked

  2. jared3377

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    I've often thought about this one myself. I'm sure they have them--they can put them in cars and even surgically insert them in pets. I just wonder how much they cost and if there's a monthly fee or something...
  3. jamie7399

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    yeah my local police department will but a number on the bike but i dont know if they will do this to a motor bike. my local police are a jerks sometimes even to the ones that dont break laws
  4. seanhan

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    Yea they sell

    The Lojack for motorcycles, But they are high dollor, and you have to pay a fee for service, Would be cheaper to buy a new bike !!!!
    Hey I wonder if your homeowners insurance would pay for your bike if stolen ???? Anybody try that one ????
    I got them to pay for my camcorder after I tripped over my dog in the back yard while filming a tornado !!!!
    That was back when they were $ 1200.00 range.
    Talk about embarising !!!!!
  5. sparky

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    You'd have to have proof of its value, I'd think... and it should work. But beware, your insurance premiums might go up, and your bike might not even be worth your deductible.
  6. sparky

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    Anyway, this thread is great food for thought.

    I know that some GPS devices can log your traveled route and then upload it to your computer so you can see your path on Google Maps or something like that. How does it upload the path to your computer tho?? ... thru USB? ... thru Wi-Fi? ... thru Satellite to some server on the Net and then to your computer?

    I'm thinking that you'd need a device with GPS and Wi-Fi (or preferably cellular, if you were a big baller like that)... and then put it in a huge seat with a big battery. GPS does drain batteries... I know that much.
  7. jared3377

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    There are also bike locks out there that offer insurance when you buy their locks. Something with "dog" in the name, I think... "Watch Dog" maybe? Or "Guard Dog"? The first year is included in the price of the lock, and then you just pay a few bucks a year.