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    I am trying to find the pictures from the October 22 race at Grange. They were to be included with admission price. This forum is very hard to navigate thru. Help me if you are able. Thanks

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  3. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Hi Ed
    I do not have all the photos from the race yet due to having a few
    problem getting them all online.

    I have posted a few of the 2000+? pics that you will get a link to
    download from next week.
    The pics will be a much larger size than what have been posted on
    the forums.

    Here are a few of you and thanks for letting me ride your bike on Friday.
    I will get some pics up of your son today.



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    Cool picture!
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    Thanks Neil for helping me to understand how to navigate this forum. I'm beginning to be able to figure it out now. I'm looking forward to your next email with the links to the rest of the photos. See you all April 7 , 2012