"Granny Gears"

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by BoltsMissing, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. BoltsMissing

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    Has any one got a pic or can define what the "granny gear" sets were ?

    I have done a search/google and answers vary.

    Some say it's a 9 gear rear cassete and the tallest gear being over 40 teeth, the crank having a 3 gear set, smallest being 28 teeth.

    So what is a "granny gear" ?


  2. srdavo

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    From Sheldon Brown.....http://www.sheldonbrown.com/gloss_g.html
    to me..."granny" was 1st gear of a pickup truck, with a 4-speed. "Granny low" was only used while hauling the heaviest loads or pulling trailers or other vehicles.
  3. BoltsMissing

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    Thanks davo, I found that in the searches to,
    but what are actual benchmark ratios to determine a granny gear/s on a bike ?
    Or is this a personal preference type of thing ?
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  4. srdavo

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    I think its slang for the lowest gear you got....?
  5. Happy Valley

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    The Shimano MegaRange MTB cassettes have a 34 tooth cog I've always called a "granny".

  6. BoltsMissing

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    Thanks HV,
    That's what I'm looking for, a specific gear for point of reference, in this case "mega range".
    Ok, so what about the front crank gear, is there a specific cog in that extreme to compliment a "mega range" cassete gear ?

    The reason is because there is a extreme hill climb and it has caused grief on the current gear set, so much grief that when peddling, the amount of foot preassure on the left side crank seems to have caused it to fall apart.
    (I was not there when it happened)
    Replacement parts are now being correctly selected including correct chain and new derailer because all has been damaged, ( bent from dropping bike on derailer side).
    When this is repaired and the owner of the bike still cannot peddle up this particular hill, then they may have to try smallest front crank gear.

    To give an example of this hill, I remember when hiring 125cc trail bikes in the 70's, this hill was a struggle. 250cc + was the go.
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  7. Happy Valley

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    With a 34 tooth cog in the rear you shouldn't need much more with something like 26-36-46 front rings.
    I have a full suspension XC MTB that's a goat up hills with that set-up.
    Bike speed with the 26/34 is slower than walking.