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    got an old dumpster bike and when i cleaned the wheelbearings and repacked them with grease i had an idea. i drilled a tiny hole in the hub and cleaned up the shavings. i remounted the wheel and with a needle grease gun tip, i shoved it in the hole i drilled and grease the bearings that way. i go a hundred miles or so and give it another squirt. easy way to make sure bearings have enough grease

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    Did you thread the hole??? So you can screw in a plug of some sorts??

    That's probly not a bad idea, really... if it were plugged.
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    you can very easily tap and thread the hub, the hub i have is too narrow. a grease zerk would hit the axle. but the newer hubs i have seen are thicker. i just throw a piece of electrical tape to seal hole for now. i just thought this was a much easier way to grease the bearings
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    nifty :)

    old sturmey archers had lil oil ports with lids...even suntour i think...

    waht can be had, probably on fleabay... see them on lathes and mills. little brass inserts with a spring loaded ball in them. not sure what youd call them... but if its a steel hub youd solder them in place, or alloy...dunno? lol...

    ima gunna go search!

    and theres grease nipples...
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    In the 90's WTB and probably others had fittings on their mountain bike hubs that were made to be greased with a micro tip grease gun. The problem was, just adding grease doesn't get contamination/dirt out and they discontinued it and went with sealed bearings.
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    The fittings are available at most bigger hardware stores they are called zerks.
  8. This belongs in the general bicycle maintenence and modification section. I agree, periodic greasing the bearings is a fine idea. They should also be cleaned and repacked on a regular basis.