Greasing Gears ??

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by robin bird, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. robin bird

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    I have 2000 miles on engine---today i took apart the gear case lots of carbon came out--greased gears with gear grease because was getting noisy--can these gears run dry for long periods and do you grease periodically??

  2. Pablo

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    I assume we are talking about the clutch gears side of a HT engine. Yes - they need periodic greasing. Use a sticky nasty grease like boat trailer grease. I have a home made concoction and grease mine every month or two.
  3. robin bird

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    Thanx guy for the info
  4. Flapdoodle

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    I am using dry white chain lube (Teflon I believe). My logic is that something that sticks but may not be the best lube is better than one certain to get slung off. So far so good, and it seems quieter.