Greasing Rear Coaster Hub after Motor sprocket is added

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by mkaybikes, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. mkaybikes

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    So it was a lot of work and at times frustrating to get my new sprocket on to my classic cruiser coaster hub.

    FYI if your hub is bigger than the sprocket opening with the dust cap on, you will have to REMOVE the dust cap or the sprocket will pinch down on the hub and the wheel will not turn properly.

    Ok so is there a way to repack grease into this hub WITHOUT taking the new motor sprocket off?

  2. fetor56

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    No,their isn't a way......none that i'm aware of.
    To repack the hub you'll need to remove the sprocket so u can loosen & remove the hub bearings to access the internals.
    Better if u do this now rather than later & while your there take ALL the hub apart(remembering how u did it) and see how it works.....grease everything,& don't be stingy with grease.
    BTW....don't know your setup but if the dust cap is only slightly getting in the way it can be ground-down for clearance....better half a dust-cap than no dust-cap.
  3. mkaybikes

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    hub with built in motor gear sprocket?

    So this begs the question has anyone built a hub with integral sprockets on both sides? The original sprocket is so clean and I don't see a reason why a manufacturer could make a design with a big motor sprocket on the other side just the same way. This would make manufacture and service of these bikes WAY easier!!

    If you know of a hub that does this or a manufacturer that can produce them then maybe we can all team up and buy a lot of them.