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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by atex, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. atex

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    I finished my bike today around lunch. Since, I have been trying to get it started. NO LUCK. I have fuel, I have air. How would a guy go about checking for spark on this thing? Carb settings? Disappointed for sure. Any suggestions appreciated.

  2. mickey

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    Remove the plug from the head and ground it. Turn the motor over and look for spark. Just like checking you lawn mower. When you take it out, it should be wet with fuel since you've been trying to start it.
  3. Pablo

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    Chinese kit I assume? Did you follow the instructions to the T?

    If you did, there are some huge errors....not the least of which is how the stack-up goes in the throttle slide. The slotted washer goes over the E-clip not under like the picture!

    Checking for spark is a good move as well, I was getting intermittent contact with one of the cheesy bullet connectors. Fixed it and viola - spark.
  4. atex

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    Took another look at everything after dinner. Reinstalled the carb, didn't have an oring so I used a little blue gasket silicone. Snipped off the Chinese bullet plugs and soldered the connections. Cranked the idle up a good bit and BAM. Off she went. Seems like the only thing inop for now is the kill switch. I have it spliced into the blue wire but it doesn't do a thing????? Thanks for the replies fellas.

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    black needs to be grounded, i put a hoop connector on the end of mine and put it on the motor mount stud and used an extra nut to hold it in place. it neeeds to be grounded close or on the engine, i fugured that would be the coolest and closest place. have fun hope its warmer where you are :) be sure the blue wire isnt touching anything other than itself insulate it WELL if it touches anything else metal, it will short, it would also be a good idea to silicone where the wires go into the engine to prevent water from coming in contact with the magnito have fun and good luck!
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  7. I don't run a kill switch. I won't recommend it but I've also burnt out a magneto don't know if it was that kill switch but it hasn't happened again since I ran it without.
    I just set the idle to shut off when throttled down.
    It's what works for me.
  8. hot70cc

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    Best way to go , great tip
  9. Pablo

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    I think the main thing is to properly wire the kill switch.
  10. gauge

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    when my throttle got stuck wide open i turned the fuel off but i kill switch isnt need the chock works well