Great Experience with Five Flags Motor Bike

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    I wanted to share the exceptional customer service from Five Flags Motor Bike. I was the worst customer! I installed the electric hub motor they sold me incorrectly causing a wire to get cut in a way I could not get to it. I called them for advise to access the wire and instead they sent me a new motor free of shipping charges. I then had all kinds of trouble with the motor. Over the the next several weeks they replaced almost every component of the system- also free of shipping. It turned out the the problem was a bad connection either from a wire I installed or just a lose connection to the batteries. I replaced my extension wire and made sure each wire to the batteries was tight and this solved all the problems.

    The entire time, Five Flags was very patient and worked with me. My bike runs great and I would like to recommend them.


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    so now you have two for the price of one cause of a loose connection?