Great LED DIY headlight!

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by machiasmort, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. machiasmort

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    Apply this and you could even wire a couple to your white wire!

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  2. machiasmort

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    Is anybody having a problem opening that file?
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    No problum

    with the file..
    Man thats cool, I gotta build one, have some scrap pvc laying around !!!!!!
  4. bikebum1975

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    Sounds like a cool idea but dang you could buy a mag light for a couple bucks more
  5. seanhan

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    And you could buy a Motorcycle for a little more .. So why build a bike ????
    Becuse it's fun !!!!!!:jester::jester:
  6. machiasmort

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    Well the thing that got me thinking with this, I've already got a few LEDS on my bike to the white wire. Hopefuly somebody out there will experiment and find out how many it's possible to run.

    Not to mention LEDS are super efficient, so thats why the mag lite is out!
  7. SirJakesus

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    I wouldn't use the LED's that guys using. Those are great for flood lighting but on a bike you need bright focused light to keep your speed up safely. Search around for Cree or Luxeon stars and reflectors and use those instead. Less individual wiring too.
    Search around for dynamo to led bicycle lighting. That should give you an idea for some circuits that will work off the HT mag.
  8. machiasmort

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    Ya know, I was wondering that myself here. Couldn't you just use one resistor? Thanks for the tip on cree and Luxeon. Wouldn't have known that!
  9. bikebum1975

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    Ok ya got me there. LOL
  10. homemade led flashlight $15 - store bought led flashlight $15 walmart
    motorcycle $2,000-4,000 - bike and motor $250
  11. machiasmort

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    Look on the Cop's face when you hit the Kill switch and start to pedal..........

    You guessed it....PRICLESS!
  12. Frogz

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    a cree/star is just a brighter, more expensive led
    it'll do just as good as any other leds
    heh, the guy's point to point wiring kinda scares me in this flashlight thoguh
    as for this being a good flood, if you have 10 leds all pointed roughly in the same direction, they will be pretty **** focused