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    Uno, I was sitting here thinking of why these little carbs on the bikes. NT,SPeeD,CNS,etc...........Is the only reason that they have the needle adjustment on them, is because they are on such a erratic opperating engine? See, the better carbs don't even have that needle adjustment, you just change out jet size. Think about it, you've never had to switch out needle positions on a better QUALitY 2/stroke, and for that matter, very few ever need to be re-jetted ................( Better 2/strokes engines, you just worry about getting oil ratio right)

    Ok, Ok, question is (Why do these HT'S need needle adjustments?) ..........Mmmm, they are so cheeply made, they need constant checks?.........Is it just do to quality? Or is it because they want to make the owner feel like they are the mechanical WIZ??????????????????----Uno, wanting owner to bond with there engine?

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    Some carbs have high and low speed jets, some have adjustment screws allowing you to tweak mixture and air intake,etc. etc. The same way you can have a lawn mower for 20 years and never touch the carb, but on a dirt bike you may adjust it regularly for different reasons.While I dont think the carb on a china girl needs to be overly elaborate, if your going to be adding shift kits, preformance parts, extended intakes and the likes an adjustable unit will serve you better than an attach and forget unit. Small adjustments can make a big difference on these things when you try to achieve max speed or power or a combination of the two. Just my 2 cents.
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    I come from a motorcycle background and my reaction to these carbs was opposite. Why would any carb not have an idle fuel adjustment? Why only an adjustable height needle and main jet? I didn't know where to buy different main jets for it so I just used the solder-and-drill method. And there are no different taper needles available for it. Too few tuning options for a 2 stroke. There are so many things you can do to improve a 2 stroke motor and almost all of them require retuning the carburetor.
    I know the Dellorto carb has only one replaceable jet but they only fool customers into thinking they got the system beat. They don't. I had to drill an extra idle fuel hole to get the mixture rich enough at low rpm (after getting the main jet perfect for high rpm).