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    Hey guys,
    I have always used this whenever I have built anything motorised and it has made getting the ratios right realy easy.
    It has options for single chain, jackshaft, gearbox and chain and spindle. You just input your ratios, wheel size and motor rpm and it spits out the ratio and speed.
    Another cool feature is that it has the ratios of a whole heap of geared hubs already inputted. If you select one of them it gives the speed readout like this

    Speed at 6000RPM with ratio of 25.3:1 with 26inch wheel = 29.48kph (18.32mph)
    Speed at 6000RPM with ratio of 19:1 with 26inch wheel = 39.31kph (24.43mph)
    Speed at 6000RPM with ratio of 14.2:1 with 26inch wheel = 52.41kph (32.57mph)

    Which was for a Sturmey Archer Wide Ratio 3 Speed. It even has the newer Shimano Nexus hubs.

    This is a pic of it.

    And this is the download link.

    If this has already been posted sorry, if not I hope it helps!

    Oh yeah, I take no credit for making this it was the site creator Tzi.