Great ride with a miserable end



Today i went on a 2 and a half to three hour ride with Ashley1234. We rode some nice country side roads right by the lake, everything was great. after we parted ways and i was heading home my motor started acting funny. Wierd noises from within complete loss of power, a whole lot of puttering and then the impending death. tried to run it again and again to no avail. so i had a choice pedal or call for a ride(it's already raining) so i pedal towards where my ride is gonna meet me. When i got it home i started ripping her apart, 1 broken piston ring and a very loose piston, the bottom of the cylinder sleeve was damaged so i threw it all in a pile and said goodbye.

Now i'm looking into seeing which is the best happy time kit out there i'm open to suggestions but i may have already made up my mind not too sure yet. i heard the ch80 is a nice kit and he's also in ontario but like i said open to suggestions

by the way thanks for the ride ashley it was a blast!!
What about just buying the top half? New piston and cylinder? Just a thought.... How many miles did you have on the motor anyway?
i had about 2500 km's on the engine. i'm alright with buying a new engine kit i could use some of the other stuff and it don't hurt to have extra stuff laying around, but i just read about frame mount four stroke and am trying to find out where to price one out