Great Stand-up Comedian - This is very, very good

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Fabian, Feb 11, 2010.

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    Fabian, I don't doubt you found that funny. Some small bits were mildly humorous, but I think you might want to consider your audience before you post such drivel. While international in character, this board is very heavily weighted toward an American membership. You will make NO friends, and will deservedly receive a great deal of opprobrium for posting such as that,

    It isn't even properly political commentary - it is a derisive and derogatory monologue of negativity masquerading as humor.
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    Simple Simon, the world does not live in America, nor does it think like the Fox News network.

    A great many people will find these videos quite humorous, even though it is in fact a terribly difficult period in Americas history, with many Americans wondering what has happened to their once great country.

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    Nothing personal Fabio, but I didn't even click on the link.

    Too many people (spanky is a major offender) posting links to videos that are mostly useless drivel. I don't have the time to waste watching youN00b videos. Simons review was plenty enough.
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    Fabiam in case you haven't noticed, I'm no fan of Fox News. Or ,MSNBC, or CBS, or ABC, or the BBC, or Al Jazeera, or any other so-called "news organization". Every single one of them is biased and slanted, just at different angles.

    I've travelled widely, I've spent considerable periods in other countries, I've encouraged my children to emigrate and most of them have, to three different countries. I'm well aware of the failings of the US, and could probably give you lessons in many, but there is one simple reality: This board is primarily intended to promote friendship and the open sharing of information and views, and the videos you posted will lead to the exact opposite of that.

    It is just that simple. When a fire starts in a friends house, do you grab a fire extinguisher and attempt to quench it before serious damage occurs, or do you throw a bucket of petrol on and break out the hot dogs?

    Your actions amount to the latter.