Great Weather

All of a gallon through it, probably 90 minutes run time. My street looks like that also, Saturday it was near 70F, I rode every gas bike I had a few times:D
65 here, got a couple miles running errands real slow. ;)
I've been racking up miles on my FD, however my tank is only good for about 10 miles if I am doing a lot of hill climbing. I do find myself doing a lot of pedal assist with the FD, perhaps my mileage will get better. I think the manual states .7 liter, that's not much, I don'f think the FD's are is efficient as the chain drives. The 2.5 HP 2 stroke is powerful, it will pull pretty hard from 10 MPH to 30 MPH, sweet spot is about 23 MPH.
Not be confused, but the above picture is a new build I just put together.

Couple more things.