Greatest Guitar Solo of all Time

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Fabian, Feb 7, 2010.

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    Esteban, it must have been an awesome performance.

    Typically these videos don't convey the true magnitude of such an amazing concert, but in this case, the video is impressive.
    Being there must have almost been a religious experience.

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    We sat in the 7th row & could tell that all the members needed to shave, we were so close !
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    Far from the best I've ever heard but Slash gets into it pretty good at about the 4min mark. I love the small bar venue and how the crowd gets into it. Wish the would have had his guitar a little louder...
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    sorry guys... this is the best ever. possibly inspired millions to pick up a guitar... i know its why i started playing. i saw it live first and it changed the way i looked at the guitar. seen it live twice at the save mart center in fresno .... eddie and alex vh are simply amazing.... he literally speaks guitar.

    this is the best version on the internet... enjoy and be sure to watch the whole thing... the best part starts about 3 minutes in but the whole thing is good to the last drop.
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    Europa by Carlos Santana
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    No probs vtec, i thought everyone might enjoy the video.

    There's some seriously talented guitarists but for whatever reason, this solo by David Glimour is quite special.

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    Tray Arrow Cool I Thought I Would Get Arrow Smith, Or Possibly Van Halen. Pink Floyd(dark Side Of The Moon) Was The Second Album I Ever Purchased Behind Chicago's Greatest Hits.asome Glad To Know Their Still Good Ears Out Their.
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    Thank You So Much For That!!!i'm Going Through A Divorce Right Now And You Can't Possibly Know How Much I Needed That Thank You! May Another Kind Heart Favor You As Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I find it has an amazingly uplifting feel and vibe.
    If you've had a difficult day, watching the video makes everything seem so much better.

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    Sounds like you are " Comfortably Numb !"
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    Pink Floyd has always been one of my favourites, and that version of Comfortably Numb rocks! Thanks for sharing it.
    But with all this discussion of great guitar players / solos, who could forget the late Hughie Thomasson of the Outlaws? I was able to find some videos of live version of Green grass and High Tides, but the sound quality wasn't there. Here's the studio version. Hughie and the guitar army wail on this tune.
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    go on youtube and enter "over the mountain" from ozzy and listen to randy rhoads solo on that one. also my other fave is Ritchie Blackmore's solo on highway star with deep purple.